7 best quoting software for transactional selling

7 best quoting software for transactional selling

When your company engages in transactional sales, the quoting software you use needs to be up to the task.

Unlike consultative or relation-based selling, a successful transactional sales model comes down to a sales process that is easy for your sales teams to configure, streamline, and automate.

While contact management and customer experience still play a role, they’re not highlighted in the same way that they would be in other types of selling.

With that in mind, here are the 7 best quoting software solutions we’ve found to help transactional sales teams navigate the sales cycle quickly and close deals even faster.

1. PandaDoc


Cost: $9/month for Individual or $49 per user/month for Business with custom solutions for Enterprise Plans when billed annually.

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Ease of Use: 4.3/5

Support Options:  Email, chat, knowledgebase

Platform Availability:  Online, iOS, Android

Free Trial: 14 days


Because transactional sales are all about one-off deals and a short-term sales cycle, it’s important that sales reps have the ability to dispatch proposals, sales quotes, invoices, and other paperwork quickly in order to push customers farther down the sales pipeline.

PandaDoc can help you do all of that and more from a single platform. With PandaDoc, it’s easy to build everything that a customer needs into a single document. Rather than sending a proposal, quote, and invoice in separate documents, why not combine them into a single, all-inclusive package?

With PandaDoc, you’ll use our document editor to create a sales proposal that includes everything your customer needs in order to make a decision. A single PandaDoc proposal can include a price quote, a preliminary invoice, and a way for customers to pay using a credit card.

Here’s the best part: Our quote template tools allow you to automate and templatize your quoting process. This means that your sales reps can skip the tedium that comes with designing a winning sales document — because you’ve already designed it. All they need to do is fill in minor details before sending the document, requesting eSignatures, and moving straight to the close.

Check out PandaDoc by signing up for our new Free eSignature plan. This plan gives you the ability to upload and send any number of documents for eSignature. You can also set your documents up for payment processing and accept credit cards, PayPal, and ACH the moment your document is signed.

And that’s just the start! You can also jumpstart your quote creation process by signing up for a free trial and checking out our robust template library.

2. Qwilr


Cost: $66/month for Business (includes 3 users), $490/month for Enterprise (includes 10 users).

Ease of Use: 4.4/5

Support Options:  Email, knowledgebase, account manager

Platform Availability:  Online

Free Trial: 14 days


Qwilr takes a different approach from many proposal software and quoting tools by offering online proposals in a webpage format. With Qwilr, users build Pages using a block system and then share those proposal pages with clients via a link.

Because everything is done in a web-based format, there is no need for a specialized app or high-end design tool. Qwilr handles all of that for you. The system also comes with interactive pricing and an in-built payment system.

While Qwilr lacks some functionality around document management and approval workflows, they can give small businesses a way to create great-looking, professional quotes with a real-time, interactive web interface that looks great on all devices.

3. Salesforce CPQ


Cost*: $75 per user/month for CQP or $150 per user/month for CPQ Plus. Custom solutions available for higher-level packages.

*Salesforce CRM is also required.

Ease of Use: 4.3/5

Support Options:  Phone (business hours only), online ticketing

Platform Availability:  Online, iOS, Android

Free Trial: 14 days


If you’re already integrated into Salesforce, then Salesforce CPQ might be a great fit for your business. Salesforce CPQ uses the CRM data from Salesforce to build dynamic quotes that go far beyond the built-in CRM quoting tool. This also reduces the amount of data entry that your sales team needs to do in order to respond to an RFP or quote.

Leveraging Salesforce CPQ as a quoting software opens the door for Salesforce users to optimize their proposal automation and gives salespeople the tools they need to configure complex deals and push for a close in record time. This includes the ability to create a full product catalog, create pricing based on usage, and handle advanced approval workflows and processes.

For transactional sales reps, Salesforce CPQ may require some initial setup or basic configuration. Once completed, the Salesforce software can become your central hub for CRM, quote creation, invoicing, and more.

4. Quotient


Cost: $25/month for One Man Band (limited 1 user), $45/month for Business Time (2-5 users and $6/month for additional members).

Ease of Use: 4.8/5

Support Options:  Email, knowledgebase

Platform Availability:  Online

Free Trial: 30 days


Quotient takes customer access and follow-up to the next level by turning your sales quote into a document workspace where you can interact and collaborate with customers. This is a step away from sending a PDF and commenting back and forth via email.

With Quotient, you’ll build a browser-based quote and invite your customer to talk about the offer directly on the quote itself. This streamlines processes and helps transactional sales teams deepen the customer relationship while optimizing communication.

You can also present a variety of options to customers using optional selections and multiple-choice tools. This reducing the need for version control because everything is handled within one document, and provides a collaborative workspace for customers and teams.

Once you’ve created a quote that you like, it’s easy to save it as a template and reuse it for later. It’s as simple as that!

5. QuoteWerks


Cost: $13.75 per month/user for Standard, $18.33 per month/user for Professional, and $26.58 per month/user for Corporate when billed annually.

Ease of Use: 4.3/5

Support Options:  Phone, email, ticketing, forums, knowledgebase

Platform Availability:  Online, Windows

Free Trial: 30 days or 8 quotes


Given some of the other solutions on the list, QuoteWerks may seem like a small step back in time.

This quoting software allows users to create quotes, invoices, and orders before dispatching them as a PDF. The company does offer an optional add-on subscription called QuoteValet that allows companies to send documents electronically to customers as part of the quoting process.

But the quoting process is where QuoteWerks shines. While this quoting software bridges the gap between CRM and accounting, the real magic lies in the ability for sales reps to build complex quotes and dispatch them quickly.

QuoteWerks allows users to create an extensive product catalog and pricing database and provides a configuration guide to help sales teams build quotes in record time. This helps teams reduce errors while creating interactive, professional quotes that can be accepted, paid, and sent to the next stage of accounting.

QuoteWerks might not be a great fit for small businesses that are looking for an all-in-one solution. For larger organizations where functions are split across entire departments, QuoteWerks provides a streamlined, no-frills approach to quote creation and sales automation.

6. Proposify


Cost: $19 per user/month for Tall, $49 per user/month for Grande, custom plans available for Venti Plan.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Support Options:  Chat, email, phone, account manager

Platform Availability:  Online, iOS, Android

Free Trial: 14 days


Proposify is an excellent candidate for businesses looking to close deals at lightning speed. Like PandaDoc, Proposify comes equipped with analytics, a robust content library, and the ability to capture payments and online signatures.

In effect, these tools allow sales reps to build contracts that create a lasting customer experience, earn buy-in, and move deals rapidly through the sales process.

Both PandaDoc and Proposify excel in this space, but we offer different features at different tiers. For example, individual users on Proposify have access to a content library, but Grande users don’t have access to approval workflows. Both of these are included in the PandaDoc Business plan.

If you’re looking for a strong quoting software, Proposify is definitely one to consider.

7. GetAccept


Cost*: $25 per month/user for Starter (billed monthly or annually), $40 per month/user for Business and to $60/month for Enterprise (both billed annually and include 10 users).

*Discounts available when bundled with other GleanView products.

Ease of Use: 4.6/5

Support Options:  Chat support (24/7)

Platform Availability:  Online, iOS, Android

Free Trial: 14 days


With GetAccept, transactional sales reps can harness the power of instantaneous engagement to move customers farther down the sales funnel.

GetAccept comes equipped with video and chat solutions that allow for real-time interaction between team members and customers. This kind of relationship-building is critical, especially in the middling stages of the transaction, when the difference between a good customer experience and an abandoned deal can come down to trust.

If you’re looking for a powerful proposal and quoting software that can put your team in the moment, GetAccept is worth a look.

What’s next for your sales team?

Most businesses driving for transactional sales are looking for quoting software that empowers their sales teams to build prospects quickly and close deals fast.

From a project management perspective, this can cause a ton of disorganization as the pipeline quickly fills with opportunities that eventually go cold from a lack of inactivity.

Many of the software solutions on our list are designed to eliminate this problem by making sales streamlined and more immediate. Giving your reps a chance to live in the moment with customers and capitalize on that momentum may give them the opportunity they need to push their deals over the finish line.

Want to see how PandaDoc can help your sales team crush their sales goals? Sign up for a free trial and learn how to take selling to the next level.


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