Salesforce automation software

Enable a smooth end-to-end workflow that automates tedious tasks. Manage your entire document lifecycle in a single location using our Salesforce automation software.

Salesforce automation software
increase in completed docs
per month
decrease in document
creation time
increase in close rate

All sales force functions in one tool

Generate personalized documents in no time

Leverage templates, tokens, field-mapping, and data syncing to create a personalized document in minutes. Spend less time building and customizing documents with salesforce automation software that automatically populates accurate customer, product, and pricing data.

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Automated processes and updates

By automating frequently occurring tasks, team members will save time, effort, and money delivering quality work quickly and accurately. You can go beyond just automated documents, but having deal statuses updating automatically when a prospect interacts or comments or eSigns your PandaDoc.

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Never leave your CRM

Create, send, track, and organize documents all from inside your CRM (including Salesforce, Pipedrive or HubSpot) instance for each step of your sales process. Gain instant access to the latest document versions, right from your opportunities, contacts, and other objects with PandaDoc.

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Improve cross-departmental collaboration

Other teams such as Marketing, Legal, and CS can all access, review, and approve documents with PandaDoc’s sales automation software. Whether it’s one-sheeters, battle cards, MSAs, or other accompanying documents, use PandaDoc’s automation software as your single-source of truth to support revenue-generating teams.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I pass product data from my CRM into PandaDoc?

PandaDoc can be configured to pick Products from an Opportunity, Leads, Contact, or Account object and add them to a pricing table in a document. After you setup which objects you want to map, make sure you’ve toggled the Automatic Import button to “on.”

What instance of Salesforce CRM does PandaDoc integrate with?

PandaDoc integrates with all Salesforce Sales Cloud editions. Whether you’re using Salesforce Classic or Lightning, you can seamlessly switch between both editions without breaking your deal and document processes.

How do you link a document to an opportunity in Salesforce CRM?

When you’re inside of PandaDoc, click the Salesforce icon on the right (your document must be in draft status). Then link your Salesforce account. Afterwards, Opportunity info will populate where you can view created date, status, and total amount. In Salesforce, the document will be displayed as if it was created through Salesforce.