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Take your sales performance to the next level with Salesforce automation from PandaDoc.

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Who uses PandaDoc 

Sales reps

Your sales team needs the latest in sales technology to stay competitive. Sales reps use PandaDoc within Salesforce to automate their proposal generation, approval processes, and send follow-up reminders so they can spend more time on generating new business.

Sales operations
  • PandaDoc makes it easy to support the entire sales process inside Salesforce thanks to a seamless integration that transfers lead, opportunity, and product data into your documents, allowing you to extend the functionality of your CRM.

    Marketing teams

    PandaDoc includes customizable content and template libraries, making it completely painless for marketing to create product sheets, battle cards, videos, and a slew of other custom-branded content to store for sales reps right inside Salesforce.

    Why PandaDoc?

    Why choosing the PandaDoc Salesforce automation software?

    Powerful drag and drop document builder

    If your team creates complex or custom documents for prospects, they’ll love the PandaDoc document builder. Our intuitive document interface allows you to change content, add custom branding, and embed media or interactive pricing tables in minutes.
    Easy collaboration

    Unlimited eSignatures

    PandaDoc includes unlimited legally-binding eSignatures, which allows your prospects to securely view and sign your quotes and proposals from any computer or mobile device.
    High efficiency

    Expand Salesforce reports

    Salesforce reports and dashboards offer a wealth of data but have a significant blind spot once a proposal is sent. PandaDoc shines a light on that critical juncture in the sales cycle by showing when prospects receive and open proposals, how long they read each page, and even how content and collateral effect proposal performance.
    Advanced analytics

    Reference and track every document you send

    When you send a document with the Salesforce and PandaDoc integration, it is automatically attached to your Contact, Account, or Opportunity object you send it from. You can even track when your recipients, opens, views and for how long they spent on each page without leaving Salesforce.
    Faster closing