Why PandaDoc is a better choice than Nusii?

Choose PandaDoc instead of Nusii and enjoy a more robust document builder, a variety of CRM and payment integrations, and unlimited proposals.

Unlimited templates
Electronic signature
Embed images and video
Payment integrations
WYSIWYG template editor
Autofill token

Free trial with no credit card required

You need a credit card to start a trial with Nusii, which can be a bit frustrating. Try PandaDoc free for 14 days. Unlike Nusii, we won’t ask for payment details.

Professional support

Nusii says they are “the army of two” and all of the support is completed by them. However, is a team of two enough? Waiting too long to get answers to your questions is the last thing you want to worry about when purchasing a new software tool. PandaDoc has a dedicated support team that is ready to help via in-app chat and email.

Better teamwork and collaboration

PandaDoc is an excellent solution for multiple users and teams. Create separate workspaces for different departments, assign roles for users, and analyze their activity from the admin panel. Permission options and role options don’t exist with Nusii.

Superior document builder

The PandaDoc editor is not only quick and easy to use, what you build and create is precisely the document that will be sent to your recipient. The editor is designed to save you time but make it look like you spent hours creating your proposals. Nusii is not the same. You’ll have to preview your client’s version of the proposal before sending.

What you get when you switch to PandaDoc

Unlimited proposals

Nusii has a limited number of active proposals a user has. A proposal is considered active when you sent it to the client, and they haven’t completed or canceled it. Nusii’s freelancer plan comes with only five active proposals. If you sent all of them, and don’t hear from the recipients, you’re stuck. Upgrading to a higher plan increases the number of active proposals you can send in a month, but there is still a limit of 20 and 50 proposals for Nusii’s professional and business plans respectively. Unlike Nusii, PandaDoc lets you send as many documents as you want no matter what plan you choose.


Detailed document tracking

Nusii details when your proposal was created, sent, viewed, and signed but so does PandaDoc. The difference is, PandaDoc takes it a step further and dives deeper into details like how much time your recipient spent on each page, if they downloaded the document, and which links were clicked. The more details you know, the better your sales strategy and increase in close rates.

Analytics Page

Custom product catalog

The PandaDoc custom product catalog is a fantastic solution to store your items and to fill in pricing tables in your proposal in a jiffy. Add products and services directly from the app or upload from a .CSV file. The catalog is completely customizable – add a description, photo, price, and currency to every item. Nusii allows you to save and reuse the whole pricing sections, but it becomes messy when your product offering is quite large.

Catalog Item

Create a template from a PDF

Nusii lets you build a proposal using templates or from scratch. PandaDoc offers the same feature, but we also allow you to upload a PDF, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from your local storage files and use them as a template. Drag and drop the signature and other fields to your document and the proposal is ready.

Design Styles

Auto-fill your information

Use PandaDoc tokens to merge customer data into your proposals from your CRM automatically. For example, you can merge info like a client’s first name, last name, company, and email address. PandaDoc offers preset tokens, but you can also create custom ones to save time and reduce errors. Nusii does not let you auto-populate your documents with information.

Search Documents

More integrations

Nusii comes with four CRM integrations, and you won’t find today’s top business tools like Salesforce or Zendesk among them. Also, there is no payment integration with Nusii. PandaDoc integrates with more than a dozen business tools like CRMs, cloud storage solutions, and accounting software. Extend the value of tools you’re already using with PandaDoc to close more deals.

Proposal Integrations

Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

Find the perfect PandaDoc solution for your business