RFP software for transactional sale teams

Accelerate your proposal process. Get real-time notifications whenever your proposal is opened, viewed, commented on, or completed. Activate optional content locking to stay in control.

RFP software for transactional sale teams
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Better proposals made possible with PandaDoc’s RFP Software

Stand out from the competition

If your prospect has submitted a request for proposal to you, chances are they’ve submitted others. Make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Create stunning, error-free documents in less time with pre-built templates, a drag & drop content library, and data from your CRM.

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Stay informed with real-time notifications

Strike while the iron is hot and gain the insight needed to accelerate your proposal process. Real-time notifications are triggered whenever your proposal is opened, viewed, commented on, or completed by your prospect.


Streamline the response process

Sending out your proposal is just the first step of the procurement process. Keep the conversation going with painless collaboration directly within your proposal or opt to create a sense of urgency with auto-reminders.


Decision-making made easy

Eliminate decision-fatigue for your team members, for good. With the ability to create brand-approved templates and activate optional content locking, you stay in control of the look, feel, and actions within every proposal you and your team send out the door.

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Frequently asked questions

What is RFP software?

RFP software is designed as an easy way to help sales teams and companies increase sales efficiency, the procurement process, and automate the branded proposal and contract creation process.

What should my proposal include?

Your proposal should include media (photos or videos), CPQ functionality, CRM and payment integrations, an opportunity for the customer to sign electronically, and advanced analytics so you can accelerate your sales cycle.

Why should I use RFP software?

To decrease the creation time of professional-looking, media-rich proposals proven to close more deals and shorten your sales cycle, while providing a world-class eSignature and checkout experience for customers.

Where can I find a free RFP template?

Download, edit, and customize our RFP template to boost your business’s revenue for free here.