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When you switch from Quotient to PandaDoc you can expect better documents, stronger CPQ functionality, and more integrations.

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Quotient vs PandaDoc

Online Collaboration
Electronic Signature
Custom Pricing Tables
Image Embedding
Custom Templates
Document Analytics
Integrations 6 15
Support for Complex Documents
Cost and Margin Calculation
Multiple Workspaces
Automatic Reminders
Template Embedding

More integrations

PandaDoc is built to improve how your team creates, sends, tracks, signs, and stores documents no matter which tools you’re using today. We offer seamless integrations with every leading CRM and cloud storage solution so that you can enjoy a better document process.

Better documents

The PandaDoc document builder’s drag and drop interface make it easy to create accurate, detailed documents without sacrificing security or compliance. You can use PandaDoc to automatically populate documents with product and opportunity data, customize layouts and themes, and embed sales content, collateral, and media.

Stronger CPQ functionality

Quoting is more efficient with PandaDoc thanks to our built-in CRM integrations and CPQ functionality. Product and pricing information automatically transfers into quotes and proposals from your CRM. You can offer prospects interactive pricing that allows them to select items and quantities based on their needs.

What you get when you switch to PandaDoc

Powerful analytics

PandaDoc powers sales reps and managers with analytics that allow them to forecast accurately and close deals faster. You’ll know where every proposal and contract is in your pipeline in real-time. Tracking data shows when prospects open, view, and engage with your documents.
Powerful analytics

Custom templates

Use the PandaDoc document builder to create your own custom branded templates without the frustrations of traditional document processors. If you’re already using PDF forms for your documents, PandaDoc allows you to upload them and turn them into eSignature ready templates in minutes.
Custom templates

Sales and marketing alignment

Bring sales and marketing tightly together with the PandaDoc content library. Your marketing team can upload your entire library of collateral and media to your PandaDoc library, and sales can access and embed it inside any document they create.
Sales and marketing alignment

Fast deployment

Switching to PandaDoc is pain-free thanks to our simple onboarding process. Migrating document templates and users is a breeze, and most companies can start sending documents with PandaDoc within days of signing up.
Fast deployment

Online collaboration

Teams are more effective when they work together. That’s why we designed PandaDoc to embrace collaboration, with private and public communications built into every document. When you use PandaDoc to support your document process, you’ll greatly enhance your ability to collaborate, communicate, and negotiate.
Online collaboration

Unlimited electronic signatures

Every PandaDoc subscription includes unlimited electronic signatures that are ESIGN compliant and legally- binding. You and your prospects can review and sign documents from any computer, smartphone, or tablet in seconds.
Unlimited electronic signatures

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