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QuoteWerks PandaDoc
Data Merge from CRM
Electronic Quote Delivery
Custom Content Library
Online Collaboration
Template Library
Drag and Drop Editor
CRM Integrations 8-14 15
Engagement Analytics Requires add-on
Simple Per-User Pricing

A streamlined interface

PandaDoc prides itself on being pioneers in the quoting and proposal software industry. So when it comes to user experience and design, you want a tool that is up-to-date, not something that looks like it is stuck in the early 2000s. Therefore the PandaDoc user interface is designed for the 21st century to be functional and requires little training.

Simpler pricing

QuoteWerks emphasizes that it is a non-subscription based one-time purchase product. However, many essential features are not included in the basic package and require an additional monthly subscription. For example, adding QuoteValet, a tool for tracking proposals’ lifecycle, doubles the price of the standard plan.

Better document creation

PandaDoc has an intuitive drag and drop editor that lets you place text, content blocks, pricing tables, custom fields, and media inside your quotes and proposals, tailoring your documents to your customers. With QuoteWerks, you cannot edit documents online and insert videos unless you purchase an add-on.

Comparing QuoteWerks (quotewerks.com) with PandaDoc

No downloading and installing

PandaDoc is designed to deploy faster than any other CPQ solution. Send your first proposal within hours of logging in for the first time. To start working with QuoteWerks you have to download and install it on your computer first. Accessing QuoteWerks through a web browser is only available for Corporate plan with a QuoteWerks Web add-on.

Phone support at no extra charge

QuoteWerks offers a 45-minute package of phone support during weekday working hours. Once they expire, be ready to pay $1 per minute for time spent on the phone with a technician regardless of the outcome.

Better templates

Pre-built templates will save you a great deal of time. You won’t need to start and write your proposal from scratch, just make adjustments to the template so it meets your needs. If you want to use pre-written templates in QuoteWerks, you will have to have an add-on.

Security protection

Our secure cloud environment works on a global scale to ensure the safety and security of your data. We use AES 128 encryption and regular backups to make sure your content and credentials are safe 24/7.

Dozens of integrations

PandaDoc includes access to more than 20 integrations without paying any additional fees. We integrate with today’s top business tools, including CRM platforms, accounting software, and cloud storage solutions. QuoteWerks has 8 CRM and contact management solution integrations available with their standard and professional editions, and 14 with their corporate plan.

Insightful analytics

Gain a deeper insight into your customers’ behavior. With PandaDoc, you can see who views every document you send and exactly how long they spent on each page. Unlike QuoteWerks, you won’t have to pay additional fees for document analytics.

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No credit card required