Creating a new document from scratch can be a nightmare.

That’s why a lot of companies pay copywriting agencies to create document templates that they can use.

But at PandaDoc, we wanted to take it a step further. That’s why we’re excited to announce the PandaDoc Community Gallery!

Unlike our template library, which offers a variety of starter templates, the Community Gallery features outstanding templates that were made by real, successful businesses using PandaDoc!

And the best part: They’re all completely free for you to use.

Below, we’ll feature some of the highlights from the best document template gallery on the internet.

What makes these templates so special?

The document designs in our new Community Gallery aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill Office templates. They’re high-quality products designed used by professional brands from a wide variety of industries.

That’s what makes them so unique.

Rather than starting from a blank document or a Microsoft Word template when it’s time to build your next business document, use these templates as both an inspiration and a starting point.

For PandaDoc users, it gets even better. As with our standard template library, the templates in our Community Gallery can be loaded into PandaDoc for fast editing and customization.

Simply click the “Use this template” button below the preview window to import an editable document into your PandaDoc account, then use the tools in our document editor to review and customize the layout.

Once you’re done, you can convert the customized document to a template for later use and generate a new copy from your account library. (No need to spam the “Save As” button or make multiple copies as you’d do in Google Docs.)

Can I use eSignature when working with these templates?

Yes, of course, you can use e-signatures when working with these templates. In fact, PandaDoc has its own e-signature solution that lets you create legally-binding signatures in a matter of seconds.

Just upload your newly-created document into PandaDoc’s e-signature solution, add your signature and send it to the other party for signing.

You will receive a notification as soon as the recipient interacts with the document in any way, allowing you to speed up the process and create stunning, legally binding documents quickly and efficiently.

01. APMP Best Practices Proposal.Works™ Template by HubDo

If you don’t have an experienced proposal writer on your team, the APMP Best Practices Proposal.Works™ proposal template can help you develop robust proposals and get them out the door quickly.

This proposal will walk you through all aspects of a standard business proposal and explain what should fall under each section or subhead. No additional formatting is required — simply follow the guidelines and you’ll end up with a well-defined proposal aimed at your target buyer.

This proposal template contains each of the following features:

  • Language creation guidance
  • Pricing tables
  • Predesigned signing blocks
  • Payment section

For small businesses wanting to maximize the value of this proposal template, don’t forget to use the PandaDoc content library to save content blocks and snippets for later use when developing other new templates.

APMP Best Practices Proposal.Works™ Template by HubDo

02. General Proposal Template by Embrace

Looking for a free document template that you can study for inspiration before adapting it to your own use case? Look no further than the General Proposal Template by Embrace.

Unlike the HubDo proposal (above), this proposal template is great for users who want an example to review rather than specific instructions on what to write.

This project proposal looks like it could have been sent to any Embrace client. It leads by example, demonstrating what should be said and where.

This proposal template contains each of the following:

  • Sample copy
  • Table of contents
  • Simple cover letter
  • Page footers
  • Image & graphic opportunities
  • Pricing tables
  • Order form

By replacing the images and color scheme with preset theme options, you can easily transform this document from a template to a personalized proposal that fits your brand and company workflow.

General Proposal Template by Embrace

03. Mobile Development Proposal Template by Konnect Digital

Without a doubt, how your proposal is structured and designed is just as important as what it says.

By presenting information in a way that exemplifies your team, you can elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

And, as the Mobile Development Proposal Template by Konnect Digital shows us, you don’t have to fool around with Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Word, or some other desktop publishing tool to make it happen.

Check out how slick letterheads and modern design formatting can help your proposal stand out from the crowd. In this proposal, the letterheads and other design elements keep every page connected and consistent from start to finish.

In this proposal template, you’ll find the following features:

  • Smart and thoughtful design
  • Sample copy
  • Table of contents
  • Cover letter
  • Image & graphic opportunities
  • Schedule & pricing tables
  • Preformatted signature page

Unlike many of the other proposals in our template library and Community Gallery, this proposal minimizes the use of custom variables, which means that you’ll spend even less time working on personalized details!

Of course, you can always add additional variables when you write your proposal copy! Just include them in the text and fill them in using the document editor!

Mobile Development Proposal Template by Konnect Digital

04. Quote Template by Kitchen Art Design

While this beautifully crafted document from Kitchen Art Design is dubbed a “quote template,” don’t let the name fool you. This document isn’t just a one-page quote or pricing estimate!

As you’ll see upon review, this document is working as hard as any sales or business proposal in order to close deals and win business. While the quote section — taking up a full page — is at the heart of this template, the remainder of the document radiates pride, process, and professionalism.

In this quote template, you’ll find each of the following:

  • Sample copy
  • Cover letter
  • Client information sheet
  • Full-page pricing tables
  • Preformatted signature page
  • Image & graphic opportunities
  • Video & image embed examples

This template will also show you how different file formats work together when creating documents in PandaDoc.

Many of the pages located in the bottom half of this document are image uploads that were designed independently before being uploaded to PandaDoc to create a single, cohesive document.

If you have marketing images that you’d like to use as part of your next PandaDoc document, you can do this by clicking on the “+ / Add Content” button below any page in the PandaDoc editor and select “Upload File” from the dropdown menu and accompanying dialog box.

Quote Template by Kitchen Art Design

05. Basic Registration Form Template by Wamly

Most proposals and marketing materials are designed to share more information than you’d find on the back of a business card. They’re expansions of your company goals, values, and ideals.

But what happens when you need to collect, rather than share, information?

The Basic Registration Form Template by Wamly has you covered. Designed as an information intake tool, this form can be used to collect all relevant details about a prospect or customer.

The smart, flexible design helps you always get the information you need, no matter where you are in the sales cycle.

This registration form template includes:

  • Smart, flexible design
  • Simple footers
  • Fillable fields
  • Registration form
  • Preformatted signing page
  • Room for SLAs & terms

One of the best parts of this document is how the custom variables are utilized. Your team will fill out the variables while the customer will complete out any assigned fields. Keep this in mind when creating the document, and your team will never miss details.

At the end of this document, you’ll also find added space for any terms and conditions that you’d need to add. Modifying this is as simple as copy/pasting your terms into the text block.

Basic Registration Form Template by Wamly

06. HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Template by Uploadcare

As much as we love great design, sometimes, simpler is better — especially when you’re signing legal agreements related to HIPAA.

You won’t find many major design initiatives here.

As the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Template by Uploadcare shows us, sometimes, all you need is a bold header, simple text, and a nice logo to get the job done.

In this agreement template, you’ll find:

  • Sample copy
  • Text and date blocks
  • Preformatted signature page

With minimal work, Uploadcare has added a text and date block where the client company can provide their information. No custom variables or advanced programming are required.

At the bottom, they’ve added a simple two-column electronic signature format. The rest of the agreement is simple text.

This template demonstrates exactly what makes PandaDoc so effective when trying to build legal documentation and agreement templates.

By the way, if you didn’t already know: PandaDoc is also HIPAA-compliant for companies who sign a BAA with us, so you can rest assured that information stored inside our platform is safe and secure.

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Template by Uploadcare

07. Client Agreement Template by Learnerbly

While some proposals and agreements can follow a specific format, even the best business document templates may need to be customized to suit your needs and save time.

The Client Agreement Template by Learnerbly is a great example of how to do that. The company specializes in supplying training tools and learning tutorials for company employees to improve while on the job.

This agreement the highly customizable nature of their training and plans while providing helpful links to other important Learnerbly documents, like the company’s FAQ and Privacy Policy.

In this agreement template, you’ll find:

  • Sample copy
  • Pricing tables
  • Fillable contract forms
  • Subscription plan examples
  • Preformatted signature page

This template works by assigning most fillable fields directly to the customer and allowing them to input the data that works best for them.

While you’ll need to know basic information about the company and the signer, the customer team can fill out everything else after the agreement is sent.

Client Agreement Template by Learnerbly

08. Basic Offer Proposal Template by Onlinevanstart

Business proposals are important business tools, but, for readers in a hurry, the lengthy paragraphs and legalese can also be a pain to read.

If you want to send something that adheres to a skimmable format, the Basic Offer Proposal Template by Onlinevanstart is a great starting point.

Rather than adding hefty paragraphs, this proposal template uses columns, icons, and bulleted lists to deliver information in a fast and efficient manner.

This business proposal template contains the following:

  • Swappable formatting
  • Image & graphic opportunities
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Pricing tables
  • Full-page client information sheet

The thing that we love about this proposal is the lack of variables around the core of the text. Aside from the first and last page and a few minor places in between, the format is completely open for revision.

If you’re using this proposal, take note of the custom graphics and the ingenious use of columns and other formatting elements used to make this proposal shine.

And your personal touch, and you’ll have a stellar (and skimmable) proposal in no time.

Basic Offer Proposal Template by Onlinevanstart

Start building incredible documents with PandaDoc!

Thanks to PandaDoc, you don’t need MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or any of the other Microsoft Office tools in order to build outstanding and high-quality proposals.

Our Community Gallery is chock full of the best online document templates you’ll find online today.

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What’s more: you can even import any Word document templates (.doc or .docx file type) into PandaDoc, modify them on our platform, and create custom templates of your own.

It’s just one more perk that makes PandaDoc the best way to create document templates online.

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Originally published July 22, 2021, updated August 6, 2021

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, electronic signatures are legal, as long as certain criteria are met. In 2000, the United States government passed an ESIGN act (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act) which states that electronic signatures can be legally binding as long as all parties involved choose to sign a contract electronically.

    The signature process should be recorded by the desired e-signature tool and you have to keep the records so that they can be available for accurate reproduction.

  • The easiest and most convenient way to sign a document virtually is to use PandaDoc’s e-Signature solution. You can create or upload the contract using PandaDoc’s editor, add your signature and send the document to the other party to have them sign as well. You’ll receive a notification as soon as the other party interacts with the contract in any way.

    You can also use other ways to go about it, depending on your preferred device:

    For Windows – you will need an Adobe Reader application, for macOS – Preview Application, for both Android and iOS mobile devices – Adobe Fill & Sign application.

  • Yes, companies can also sign documents electronically, as long the process abides by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. The process for the company is pretty much the same as for the physical person – either print out the contract, sign it manually, scan it and send it to the other party for signing. Or, use an e-signature solution.