Design Services Agreement Template by O0 Design

This design services agreement template is made in a highly fashionable avant-garde style and is one of the most visually original and stylish templates in the PandaDocs library. Perfectly written and designed, this agreement will set you apart from your competitors.

What is a design services agreement template used for?

This template breaks down the responsibility of each party in the agreement. The company [Studio] shall provide design services [Services] and product deliverables [Deliverables] as set forth in an attached document called a Schedule A. This is a brilliant design move, as Schedule A is incorporated by reference into the design services agreement. This means it can be easily adjusted and updated without having to sign a whole new agreement.

Deliverables eventually embody a final design [Design] with the Studio and Client adhering to the timeline, agenda, and fee structure as outlined in Schedule A.

The design services agreement template is also used to cover topics that may not have been given full attention during creative meetings with the client. The template covers fees, prepayments, and minimum fixed monthly fees as well as invoicing, late payment charges, testing and compliance, and trademark rules regarding client content.

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