Digital Marketing Services Proposal Template by SLON Media

Capture the attention of future clients with this innovative digital marketing services proposal template from SLON Media. Creatively showcase your offerings to land that campaign and grow your customer base.

What is a digital marketing services proposal template?

A digital marketing services proposal is a creative sales document that helps you draw in potential clients by showcasing your agency’s service offerings and previously successful campaigns. Tell potential clients the who, what, how, and why of your agency. Strong digital marketing service proposal templates use multiple pages and include your agency’s portfolio, the full range of your services, and any relevant analytics. Creatively illustrate your campaign development process to show how you distribute and optimize content that increases lead generation and conversion rates. 

SLON Media’s digital marketing services proposal template gives you full creative license. Tell them who you are, why they should choose you, what services you offer, and projected campaign timelines. Include images, videos, graphs, and lists to keep potential clients engaged and leave them feeling ready to sign. SLON Media’s template makes impressive use of video and image content to hook potential clients and succinctly demonstrates the company’s marketing abilities.

‌What is a digital marketing services proposal template used for?

Advertising agencies use digital marketing services proposal templates to streamline their client acquisition process and effectively convert potential clients. Instead of starting from scratch, use already-made templates that minimize time-wasting and boost focus on content curation that helps you land your desired accounts. Some agencies use these templates to propose new service offerings or marketing campaign ideas to top executives within the company.

Digital marketing service proposal templates, like this one from PandaDoc, include a cover page, an introductory letter, a few services pages, and your carefully curated offer for the client. Use these pages to discuss your unique offerings and showcase successful campaigns. Generate new leads and conversions with creative templates that make people want what you’ve got. You can also follow the path of SLON Media. The company uses video content to expertly demonstrate its digital marketing skills and give you a feel for the agency. Instead of including a specific campaign proposal, SLON Media uses a simple CTA page that speaks directly to potential clients, saying, “Let’s talk about your campaign. Contact us.”

‌Is eSignature available with digital marketing services proposal templates?

PandaDoc’s eSignature solutions allow you to send digital marketing service proposals to clients that they can sign after you successfully draw them in with your creative genius. You can track your documents from anywhere, on any device, at any time. We use ESIGN and UETA technology to offer the most secure, legally binding documents that simplify your life. PandaDoc is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified, so you can rest easy knowing all your sensitive data is safe and secure. PandaDoc’s flexible API makes it easy to integrate eSignature software with your existing systems. Get unlimited document signing power.

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