Services Agreement Template by Lone Fir Creative

Create a custom services agreement anytime you need one using this template by Lone Fir Creative. You can use the template as a guide to writing your own services agreement, or you can modify the template itself, as needed, for your own purposes.

What does this services agreement template include?

Lone Fir Creative’s services agreement template opens with a project overview that’s followed by an informative section that briefly discusses good marketing approaches in comparison to bad ones. 

The template also includes an agreement fee and term section, an agreement process and timeline section, and finally, an agreement form that you and your client can sign.

The project overview discusses a client’s situation and challenges as well as how your company’s digital marketing services, such as website design and HubSpot support, can help them achieve their business goals.

The section that follows can be used to further your conversation with your client, allowing you to point out the difference between a good marketing approach and a bad one. This leads you to explain how your company approaches marketing. It also offers tips for your client on how to boost their sales and use the services provided by your company.

You can fill in the rest of the template with information specific to your client and situation.

What can this services agreement template be used for?

If you choose to write your own services agreement contract, this template can serve as a guide or a source of inspiration.

Detailed yet concise, this services agreement template will help you understand the components of a services agreement contract. This template lays out everything a client needs to know when working with a digital marketing company, such as three possible levels of involvement, payment terms, and details on the deliverables.

It’s useful to have all of this information in a template you can customize to send to a client. With this template, you and your client will be able to keep accurate records of the agreed-upon details. This will make it much easier to resolve any problems that may crop up.

With this services agreement template, you can fill in all of the sections based on the information your client has given you in one go and send it to your client to confirm and sign. 

Can you use PandaDoc’s eSignature on your services agreement template?

Yes, you can. PandaDoc eSignature software allows you to email Lone Fir Creative’s services agreement template or a modified version of it to your clients so they can fill in the forms electronically. This can be done anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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