Do you want to see your sales processes rolling like a sleek, high-speed train through the landscape of sales hurdles and mountains of product and customer data? (Of course you do!)

Such a smooth journey can become your reality with the integration of CPQ (configure, price, quote) with your existing sales software.

Read on to discover the best option for you and your team to add a powerful CPQ tool to your sales process, helping everyone automate and optimize sales and drive better deals.

Key takeaways

  • CPQ integrates with the existing solutions that sales teams use and unifies the information about products, customers, and billing within one platform.
  • CPQ tools work by automatically retrieving data from a CRM (customer relationship management), payment platforms, and other sales solutions, reducing errors and enhancing data security.
  • When integrated with a CRM, CPQ software and payment solutions help sales reps generate accurate quotes and get them approved faster.

What is CPQ integration and how does it work?

CPQ software integration lets your sales reps quickly generate accurate quotes based on product and customer data taken automatically from your CRM (customer relationship management) and payment solutions.

This efficiency cuts down the time salespeople spend on corrections and allows them to quickly load prices, discount rules, and product configurations to the system and use them to tailor custom quotes.

Alongside pulling data straight from your CRM to fast-track accurate customer details and preferences in quotes, CPQ systems integrate with ERP (enterprise resource planning) software as well.

This allows your team real-time access to inventory and pricing information, ensuring quotes are not only on point but also feasible based on current business resources and constraints.

The best part? CPQ can further integrate with contract management systems, e-signature tools, and other software to facilitate the end-to-end sales process from quote to contract signing and order fulfillment.

How CPQ integration benefits your business

Let’s go over examples of how CPQ integration can help your sales team excel in selling configurable products.

All-in-one platform

To successfully finalize deals, sales reps need information about the product, customer, and billing at their fingertips.

By syncing with the existing sales solutions, CPQ allows them to get everything while staying within one platform.

Data flow automation

CPQ helps automatically transfer data between your CRM and payment services, reducing manual entries and speeding up the quote-to-payment process.

Secure payments and encryption

CPQ solutions use advanced encryption and allow only authorized sales reps to access sensitive payment information.

Real-time analytics for data-driven decisions

After integrating a CPQ solution, the sales team can tap into real-time analytics drawn from your CRM.

It will help them better understand buying behavior patterns and tailor offerings to match the needs of a particular client.

CPQ can connect with your existing software, opening access to multiple features unified within one platform.


When you integrate a CPQ system with your current CRM, your sales team gets a supercharged toolkit to automatically create accurate quotes without leaving the CRM they’re already used to.

They no longer require back-and-forth checking for prices and custom product configurations. You can have various tools automatically integrated to start sharing data.


When integrated with an ERP system, a CPQ solution connects the front and back-office, and can pull in real-time data, including inventory levels, cost information, and customer-specific pricing agreements.

Sales reps can use the most current data and coordinate their work with other departments using the same information.


Prices and product details across ecommerce platforms are very dynamic, and consumers need to see accurate information before they check out.

CPQ system offers simple, customizable templates to create ecommerce proposals and more.

The system helps create accurate quotes quickly based on what the customer picks, making the whole buying and selling process go smoother and faster.

Document management

No more double data entry or manual shuffling of documents from one system to another.

When a sales rep creates a quote with CPQ integrated with a document management system, the CPQ tool automatically generates and stores relevant proposals, contracts, and other related documents right in the system.

All documents are synced, up-to-date, and right at the salesperson’s fingertips.

Payment gateway

Integrated with a payment gateway, CPQ helps your team to sell quicker and consumers to enjoy a smoother buying experience.

Consumers can choose what they want, get the price immediately, and pay securely, all in one go.

This automated approach fosters customer trust and helps your sales reps sell more products.

Contract management

With customer choices hard to predict, selling configurable products or various services is a challenge.

CPQ systems reinforce contract management best practices and help sales teams quickly generate accurate quotes, covering every specific detail like material costs, labor, timeline, and more.

Once the sales rep and the customer approve the quote, the contract management software automatically converts it into a contract.

Is CPQ a part of CRM?

Let’s say you’re integrating CPQ software with the Salesforce CRM platform.

In this setup, CPQ will use data within Salesforce to automatically pull information on your products, services, customer’s previous orders, discounts, and more.

By working hand-in-glove, CPQ integrated with your CRM may bring the following results:

  • Minimum manual effort from sales reps
  • A more intuitive and customer-centric sales process
  • Enhanced ability to analyze data that drives performance and reveals opportunities

How to integrate CPQ in your CRM in three simple steps

Let’s use the example of PandaDoc CPQ and Salesforce to show you a quick step-by-step on how merging CPQ with a CRM will help your sales team and customers easily collaborate on quotes.

CPQ integration can be done in three steps:

1. Install PandaDoc CPQ package

If you already have the Salesforce CPQ package, log into your Salesforce account and find the PandaDoc app on the SFDC AppExchange.

Tap “Get it now” and follow the prompts to install the package for all users and give the necessary permissions.

Salesforce cpq integration

2. Connect PandaDoc and Salesforce CPQ

In PandaDoc, go to Settings > Integrations.

Choose Salesforce CPQ and choose whether to enable the integration (in the Sandbox or Production environment).

Salesforce may require you to authorize PandaDoc’s access (allow the access). Now, you have your PandaDoc account connected to Salesforce​​!

PandaDoc and Salesforce integration

3. Configure PandaDoc for a quote object

Open a Quote object in Salesforce CPQ and enter Edit mode.

Here, you can add the PandaDoc module to the page layout. Find the PandaDoc Documents Lightning component and drag and drop it onto the page layout.

Adjust the component height and display mode as needed​​.

Salesforce CPQ configuration

For more information and integration details, you can check a comprehensive PandaDoc integration guide.

Explore the power of CPQ integrations

Now you’re ready to turn your sales processes into an efficient journey by adding CPQ to the equation.

Integrating this tool with your existing software will let your sales reps embrace enhanced automation and enjoy simple and fast quoting.

Take the next step to automate, optimize, and elevate your sales process with the integration of CPQ: request a custom demo of PandaDoc’s CPQ software and set your sales team on the path to improved performance.