You’re closing a deal that could catapult your company into the big leagues.

Your potential client eagerly awaits a quote that will seal the deal.

Every second counts — the pressure is on, and each word in your sales quote matters.

However, creating accurate quotes manually — juggling between spreadsheets, and trying to keep up with rapidly changing customer data — can feel like an impossible challenge.

The possible consequences?

Your sales pipeline is clogged, and your golden opportunities are wasted.

This is where the right quoting software steps in to strengthen your CRM, fusing customer relationship management and advanced quoting processes under one roof.

Read on to learn how!

Key takeaways

  • CRM with an integrated quoting process reduces response time to customer inquiries, which is essential for achieving a cutting-edge sales pipeline.
  • Working together, CRM with quoting unifies customer data — purchase histories, product catalogs, and previous quotes/proposals are quickly accessed.
  • Once implemented, the automation provided works hand-glove with error reduction, allowing sales teams to focus on perfecting proposals and cementing relationships.

What is CRM with quoting software?

CRM systems integrated with quoting software — which is sometimes mistaken for CPQ (configure, price, quote) software — combine the capabilities of customer relationship management and advanced quoting tools.

This comprehensive software solution simplifies the creation of customized and accurate quotes or proposals for potential customers.

It’s like a digital Swiss Army knife for sales professionals.

It provides a unified ecosystem for salespeople to manage customer interactions and turn those interactions into actionable quotes.

Businesses that use CRM systems

Essential components of a CRM with quoting tools

Quoting software can seamlessly integrate with CRMs and empower businesses to create, customize, and send professional quotes.

The typical anatomy of a CRM with quoting system includes several key elements:

1. Customer database

CRM software anchored by a quoting platform like PandaDoc maintains a comprehensive customer database that stores detailed information about customers, prospects, and leads.

This database is the foundation for building tailor-made quotes.

2. Real-time pricing engine

The pricing rules engine within your CRM with quoting ensures that quotes are accurate and reflect the latest pricing information.

It automatically applies relevant discounts and promotions, guaranteeing that your customers receive fair and competitive quotes.

3. Configurator

This client-centric feature allows sales reps to configure products or services to meet your customers’ needs.

It ensures that the quoted solution aligns perfectly with the customer’s requirements.

4. Quote templates

Creating quotes is a breeze with a massive template library at your fingertips.

Your sales rep selects a template that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics, adds a personal touch, and includes a compelling message.

The result is a visually appealing quote that leaves a lasting impression.

5. Analytics and reporting

Advanced reporting tools provide insights into the performance of your quoting processes.

You can track which quotes are successful and which need improvement to fine-tune your quoting strategies.

Quoting software types

CRM with PandaDoc quoting Description
Automated quoting processes Speeds up quote generation, reduces errors.
Unified customer data Centralized customer info for personalization.
Marketing alignment Ensures quotes match ongoing marketing efforts.
Streamlined sales pipeline Faster responses, automated follow-ups.
Reduced errors & pricing validation Validates pricing, reviews content for accuracy.
Enhanced security & content review Ensures document security, content quality.
Tailored pricing & templates Custom pricing strategies and visually appealing templates.
Trusted payment & e-signatures Secure transactions and expedited approvals.
User-friendly interface Intuitive, easy-to-use platform, drag-and-drop components.

There are various quoting software types available, each catering to specific business needs. Here are a few examples.

CRM with quoting functionality

Some CRM platforms have evolved to offer a fantastic all-in-one experience.

These integrated solutions let businesses handle customer relationships and effortlessly switch to quote creation, all within a single platform.

You can craft, customize, and send quotes right from the CRM interface.

They’re the go-to choice for businesses seeking a unified customer management and sales approach.

Standard quoting software

While they may lack the complexity of dedicated CPQ options, standard quoting software still shines as a practical choice, equipped with template libraries, pricing calculators, and tools for tracking quotes, streamlining the quoting process without unnecessary complications.

CPQ platforms

CPQ software makes configuring products, calculating precise pricing, and generating quotes a breeze.

It’s a favorite among enterprises with complex product offerings.

CPQ solutions are built for scenarios where products have multiple options, and prices vary depending on customizations.

CRM with PandaDoc quoting Description
Automated quoting processes Speeds up quote generation, reduces errors.
Unified customer data Centralized customer info for personalization.
Marketing alignment Ensures quotes match ongoing marketing efforts.
Streamlined sales pipeline Faster responses, automated follow-ups.
Reduced errors & pricing validation Validates pricing, reviews content for accuracy.
Enhanced security & content review Ensures document security, content quality.
Tailored pricing & templates Custom pricing strategies and visually appealing templates.
Trusted payment & e-signatures Secure transactions and expedited approvals.
User-friendly interface Intuitive, easy-to-use platform, drag-and-drop components.

According to the Aberdeen Group, best-in-class CPQ users average 5 times greater growth in revenue year-over-year.

And they can save $1 million in sales rep replacement costs over 10 years.

E-commerce quoting tools

For businesses operating primarily online, e-commerce quoting tools merged with online stores is like having a virtual sales assistant right on your website.

They don’t just stop at pricing; they’re masters of upselling, suggesting add-ons your customers can’t resist.

And when it’s time to close deals, they effortlessly sync with payment gateways.

Benefits of a CRM platform with quoting

Benefits of a CRM platform with quoting

Quoting systems like PandaDoc streamline the quoting process and accelerate deal closures.

Let’s uncover the disruptive benefits that quoting software brings to your CRM ecosystem.

Automated quoting processes

According to a 2020 McKinsey report, over 30% of all sales activities can be automated, a percentage that continues to increase with each evolution in tech.

The top automation priorities are order management, configuration, pricing, quotation, and post-sales activities.

Automated quoting processes are a game-changer for any sales cycle. Sales reps quickly generate, finalize and receive approval for quotes.

Manual business processes replaced by sales automation frees your team up to do what they do best — nurturing client relationships.


Your sales manager receives a request for a complex quote that involves multiple software licenses and subscription packages.

Instead of investing hours in calculations and quoting construction, he turns to PandaDoc.

He inputs the client’s requirements, sets matching drag-and-drop blocks, and PandaDoc produces a detailed, error-free quote.

This quick and precise response impresses the client and turbocharges your sales opportunities.

To make the most of this benefit, here are some best practices to consider:

Address customer needs

Begin by thoroughly understanding your customer’s needs and requirements.

PandaDoc’s automated processes can pull in relevant customer data: What are their pain points?

What solutions have they used in the past? Armed with this knowledge, your quotes can address their unique challenges.

Personalization is key

Use PandaDoc’s personalization features to tailor your quotes to each individual client.

Mention their company name, refer to past interactions, and highlight how your solution specifically meets their requirements.

PandaDoc lets you insert dynamic content fields that auto-fill with the client’s information.

[Placeholder for the client’s quote]

“The transition was smooth. The integration was smoother. The usage and support — are out of this world! The integration with HubSpot was super easy, and customization was great.

The best part of the adoption was the impact on our bottom line. While there is always an adoption curve, there was no bell curve here. We made the call to adopt PandaDoc and drop another vendor. The onboarding was smooth, but the real benefit was how much time it freed for us due to the reduced time to prepare, screen, and send agreements. Now we can customize on the fly, and if there is a problem or anything that could divert the deal, you can change it on the fly and not lose momentum or the deal…..worth its weight in gold!” — Jeff K.

Unified customer data

Integrated customer data helps you maintain centralized storage of customer information accessible to your entire team.

PandaDoc’s unified customer database is more than just a repository, though. It’s an intelligent hub that morphs customer interactions, purchase history, and preferences into detailed quote profiles.

This goldmine of information empowers your team to engage with clients on a whole new level, delivering a highly personalized customer experience.

The upshot? Increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and higher conversion rates.


Jessica, one of your favorite customers, is collaborating with your sales and technical departments.

Thanks to in-depth quote profiles, every interaction, from her website visits to previous purchases, is recorded and accessible to both teams.

When Jessica requests a quote, your sales team is already well-informed about her preferences.

They promptly create a tailor-made quote that resonates with Jessica, boosting the odds of sealing the deal.

Keeping pace with marketing efforts

Staying in sync with marketing goals ensures that your sales team speaks the same language as your marketing squad.

In such a way, your quotes and proposals consistently hit the mark.

PandaDoc seamlessly integrates with your marketing tools and content libraries to ensure your quotes are always on-brand and on-point.

When your marketing team launches a new campaign, your sales experts instantly gain access to all internal data.

These are product descriptions, pricing sheets, and promotional content.

Quote abot PandaDoc performance


Your marketing team starts a new product campaign with eye-catching slogans and stunning visuals.

Your sales team instantly gains access to all campaign materials through the CRM interface.

Backed by these assets, they craft quotes for potential customers interested in your product.

The result? A compelling message that resonates perfectly with the ongoing campaign.

With PandaDoc’s integration, you can now facilitate a seamless customer journey.

Streamlined sales pipeline

A streamlined sales pipeline is like a GPS for your sales team.

It guides them efficiently from lead to close, making sure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

CRM with quoting features drastically reduces response times to customer inquiries, enabling your sales team to outpace competitors.

When a lead shows interest in a quote but hasn’t yet taken the plunge, your sales team receives automated reminders to follow up.

This diligence ensures that no potential customer falls by the wayside, resulting in increased conversions and revenue.

What does this mean for your business?

It means your sales pipeline operates at peak efficiency.

Leads are nurtured and converted swiftly, transforming into increased revenue.


A potential client visits your website and requests a product or service quote.

With an integrated quoting solution working in tandem with your CRM, your sales rep immediately receives the inquiry notification.

They access the lead’s profile, understand their needs, and generate a new quote within minutes.

The client is impressed by the quick turnaround and decides to proceed with the purchase.

Your sales pipeline moves smoothly, all thanks to streamlined quote management.

Follow these practices to strengthen your sales pipeline:

Leads tracking

Use your leads tracking feature to monitor each lead’s progress.

Knowing where each lead stands helps prioritize follow-ups and quote creation. The system can assign leads automatically based on their engagement level.

Timely follow-ups

Set up automated reminders in PandaDoc to optimally prompt follow-ups.

This ensures that no potential customer falls through the cracks. The system can analyze lead behavior to determine the best follow-up times.


Leverage PandaDoc’s collaboration features to involve the right team members in the quote creation process.

A well-rounded team effort often results in more effective quotes. The system can facilitate real-time collaboration and feedback.

[Placeholder for the client’s quote]

“The best part of PandaDoc is the ability to create template forms that are easy to use and easy to design. The documents are intuitive to set up and make quoting way faster. This is a perfect fit for our business for speeding up our time to quote to customers. It greatly improves our ability to create professional-looking quotes that feel customized to a customer’s needs.” — Nolan B.

Reduced errors

In the business world, first impressions matter.

Reduced errors in your quotes and proposals save time and facilitate your company’s trustworthiness.

Clients are more likely to trust businesses that deliver accurate, error-free documents.

PandaDoc plays its part by offering error-checking features such as pricing validation and content review.

This ensures your quotes and proposals are polished gems that instill confidence in your clients.


Your team is preparing a proposal for a high-profile client like Microsoft.

With PandaDoc’s error-checking capabilities, your sales manager can quickly check if there are any typos, pricing hiccups, or missing sections.

The system automatically calculates prices, discounts, and taxes, leaving no room for mathematical mistakes.

When your clients review the document, they’re impressed by your attention to detail and reassured of your professionalism.

This approach paves the way for a stronger partnership.

Among other benefits, personalized solutions, with advanced security simplify complex quotes with ease.

And ensuring error free transactions by connecting payments to trusted gateways is simply crucial within quotes to speed uo deals.

Wrapping up

The fusion of customer relationship management and advanced quoting processes is a strategic advantage that can reshape your sales operations and supercharge your lead management.

From cutting-edge sales pipelines that reduce response times to unified customer data that enhances service, automated quoting processes that boost efficiency to reduced errors that build trust, CRM with quoting software delivers.

It’s your key to unparalleled success in a competitive market.

With backstopping the power of CRM and quoting software, your sales operations are finely tuned, and your customer relationships flourish.

Please contact us or schedule a demo if you have any questions on how we can help.

Frequently asked questions

  • CRM with quoting software combines customer relationship management capabilities with advanced quoting tools. Unlike standalone quoting software, it allows businesses to manage customer interactions, access customer data, and seamlessly transition to creating customized quotes within a unified system. Standalone quoting software focuses solely on quote generation.

  • CRM with quoting software streamlines the sales process by reducing response times to customer inquiries. Sales teams can effortlessly create and deliver quotes within minutes, access unified customer data, and automate the quoting process. This efficiency leads to faster deal closures and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Companies of different sizes and domains can leverage this type of software. It’s especially valuable for businesses with complex quoting requirements, multiple product configurations, and a need for personalized customer interactions. E-commerce businesses can also benefit from real-time quoting tools integrated with their online stores.

  • It provides a centralized platform for managing customer interactions and generating quotes. Sales teams can collaborate with marketing departments, product squads, and other stakeholders, ensuring that quotes align with marketing efforts and customer needs.

  • Many solutions, including PandaDoc, offer enhanced security features such as encryption, access controls, and audit trails to protect sensitive customer data. Compliance with industry standards like HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II certification ensures data safety and trustworthiness.


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