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Streamline sales, onboarding, training, and much more with unlimited legally-binding electronic signatures.

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What are eSignatures?

An eSignature is a way to verify a transaction or sign an agreement without using paper and ink. Most individuals have experienced signing for a credit card transaction at a department store. This is one type of eSignature solution. Others include software or biometrics to sign important contracts.

Who uses PandaDoc eSignatures

Sales teams

Track documents as they’re viewed and signed. Close sales faster by allowing clients to sign documents from any computer or mobile device. Spend less time creating quotes and proposals with templates and a drag-and-drop document builder.

Human resources

Reduce time spent creating HR documents by 50%. Get HR documents signed faster with electronic signatures. Track HR document receipts and signatures from a central dashboard. Easily share handbooks, guides, and other signed documents with employees and managers.


Track the progress of every proposal your team sends out from a central dashboard. Review and approve proposals from anywhere. Gain detailed insight into what makes your team’s proposals successful.

Why PandaDoc?

Why choose PandaDoc electronic signature software?

Unlimited eSignatures

Our legally binding signatures are built right into the PandaDoc software, which means they’re available to everyone who uses PandaDoc. The best part? There’s no limit to how many documents you can have signed each month, and there’s no special fee or upgrade necessary to access our electronic signature functionality.
Unlimited eSignatures

Automate the document signing process

Documents requiring multiple signatures can be a real nightmare. We help you leap this hurdle with automated esigning orders. This feature makes it possible to send a document to multiple signers in a specific order with a single click. Once the document is sent, you can track it as each signer views and completes the document in turn.
Automate the signing process

Custom & out-of-the-box integrations

Our API and integrations library make it easy to add PandaDoc electronic signature functionality to your existing software tools, whether you’re using custom solutions or 3rd party software.
Custom & out-of-the-box integrations
PandaDoc integrations

Go beyond electronic signatures with PandaDoc integrations

As we mentioned, PandaDoc is more than just signature software. What’s better than collecting a signature on a deal? Getting paid of course! With our Payment integration, not only can your customer sign your proposal, quote, or contract but they can also pay for it, allowing you to win more business faster.

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