The ultimate guide to DocuSign pricing

The ultimate guide to DocuSign pricing

If you’re shopping for the best electronic signature solution, DocuSign ( may be the first stop on your search. You might even consult the DocuSign pricing page to learn more about the product as you try to understand which plan is right for you.

But just looking at one set of pricing plans doesn’t help you understand the best solutions out there. 

That’s why we took a look at 8 of the biggest e-signature solutions that signers use to sign documents and get work done. We compared their subscription plans, the features of their signature software at different price points, then we matched that data to different DocuSign plans along the way.

Here’s how the best e-signature solutions compare with DocuSign in 2020.

A quick word about usage limits

Before you begin comparing DocuSign with the other competitors on our list, it’s worth taking a moment to point out user restrictions and usage limits.


As you might expect, every electronic signature solution that we looked at places restrictions at each pricing tier. A single user may need the basic fields required to do business but probably doesn’t need the advanced solutions that an enterprise-level organization with hundreds of users will need.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that many e-signature companies put a cap on the number of documents you can send over the course of a year.

For example, exclusive of any DocuSign pricing, the company states that users should only plan to send 100 envelopes per user each year.

In many cases, the true limits on usage are hidden behind a company’s “Fair Use” or “Reasonable Use” policies.

Only a few companies, like PandaDoc and SignNow, operate with transparency or allow users to send a truly unlimited number of documents.

Before you choose an e-signature vendor, be sure to read the fine print. Failure to do so could result in major costs to your organization as you’re forced to purchase additional seats or more expensive plans in order to send additional documents.

Free plans

eSignature SolutionFree Plan / Plan Name
DocuSignv / Free
PandaDocv / Free eSign
HelloSignv / Free
SignRequestv / Free
v – Offered Solution

Only a handful of companies that we checked offer a free plan, but all companies offer a free trial and the ability to test their software.  

We’ll pass over the trials since they have a limited lifespan and focus instead on the free plans.

As a free plan, DocuSign gives users everything they need to send three documents per month for electronic signature. Using DocuSign, it’s possible to add signature fields and basic information to your document, send documents to multiple recipients, and use the real-time audit trail features to track document changes. You can even link to cloud storage in order to import your documents as a PDF.

While the free plan won’t be a great fit for power users, all you need is a DocuSign account to sign up. Advanced features like bulk sending and in-person signature collection aren’t available.  

This is a no-frills, no-cost solution that works well for individual and small business owners who need digital signatures for their documents every now and then.

Competitor highlights

Most competitors follow DocuSign’s lead here by offering equivalent plans at no charge, but PandaDoc takes free plans to a new level with our Free eSign Plan.

Our free plan supports an unlimited number of users and allows businesses to send an unlimited number of documents — all at no cost!

On top of that, we also allow users to set up a payment gateway so that they can collect payments via credit card on their signed documents. This is something that no other signature solution offers for free. Most companies require users to purchase a business- or enterprise-level subscription in order to access this feature.

Best plan at this level: PandaDoc


The ability to send an unlimited number of documents, onboard an unlimited number of users, and collect payments is something that you just won’t find in other signature software without a subscription plan.

Plan DetailsDocuSignPandaDoc
Plan NameFreeFree eSign
Maximum Number of Users1Unlimited
Minimum Number of UsersN/A1
Number of Documents Sent3/monthUnlimited
Basic Drag and Drop Fieldsvv
Mobile Appvv
Reusesable Templatesxx
Signing Ordervv
Multiple Recipientsvv
Bulk Sendxx
Real-Time Audit Trailvx
Integrations: Import & Storagevv
Integrations: CRMxx
Integrations: Productivity & Othervx
Language Supportvv
Document UploadsUnlimitedUnlimited
Document Editorxx
Pre-built Template Libraryxx
Payment Gatewayxv
Data Validationox
In-person Signaturesxx
Commenting & Collaborative Fieldsxv
Signer Attachmentsxx
Support Options (At level)
Email supportvv
24/7 chat supportxx
Integrations (Import & Storage)
Google Drive / G-Suitevv
Microsoft 365 / OneDrivevv
Integrations (CRM)
Microsoft Dynamicsxx
Integrations (Productivity & Other)
v – Offered Solution, x – Not Offered, o – Unknown / Unclear

Personal plans

eSignature SolutionPersonal Plan / Plan Name
DocuSignv / Personal
PandaDocv / Individual
HelloSignv / Pro
SignNowv / Business
Adobe Signv / Individual
RightSignaturev / Standard
SignRequestv / Professional
SignEasyv / Plus
v – Offered Solution

This collection of plans is intended for individuals, freelancers, and small business owners with limited usage requirements and a simplified signing process.

For DocuSign users, not much changes between the free plan and the Personal plan with a few key exceptions: Reusable templates and a slight increase in the number of sent documents.

While reusable templates can help to automate and streamline your document creation process, that may not be vital since you can only send five documents per month.

DocuSign pricing for this plan runs $15 monthly or $10 per month with an annual subscription. 

Competitor Highlights

Every competitor we looked at offers a plan that competes with DocuSign at this level. Most companies offer more features, better pricing, or higher usage limits.  

Here are the most unique highlights at this tier:

  • PandaDoc offers superior customer support, a payment gateway, access to the document editor, and a robust template library.
  • HelloSign offers data validation to help users ensure that the data placed into each form or field is accurate.
  • SignNow, Adobe Sign, SignRequest, and SignEasy offer in-person signatures at this level.
  • SignRequest is the only DocuSign competitor we saw offering customer branding at an individual-tier price point.
  • AdobeSign offers signer attachments at this level.

Best plan at this level: PandaDoc or SignRequest

The best plan at this level comes down to how you want to get signatures signed. If you’re looking exclusively for in-person signatures, SignRequest provides a number of great features and includes in-person signing.


However, if you want to do more than sign documents, PandaDoc is a clear winner. Our document editor allows you to create documents from scratch, and we provide a template library with 450+ ready-made templates to help you get started. That, combined with our payment gateway, means that you can design proposals, quotes, contracts, and more from one place and send everything for signature via email or mobile app.

Plan DetailsDocuSignPandaDocSignRequest
Plan NamePersonalIndividualProfessional
Monthly Pricing$15 / user$13 / user$9 / month
Annual Pricing$10 / user$9 / user$7 / month
Maximum Number of Users12N/A
Minimum Number of UsersN/AN/A1
Number of Documents Sent5/month5/month or
Basic Drag and Drop Fieldsvvv
Mobile Appvvx
Reusesable Templatesvv5
Signing Ordervvv
Multiple RecipientsvUp to 50Up to 20
Bulk Sendxxx
Real-Time Audit Trailvvv
Integrations: Import & Storagevvv
Integrations: CRMxxx
Integrations: Productivity & Otheroxo
Language Supportvvv
Document UploadsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Document Editorxvx
Pre-built Template Libraryxvx
Payment Gatewayxvx
Data Validationoxo
Custom Brandingxxv
In-person Signaturesxxv
Commenting & Collaborative Fieldsxvv
Signer Attachmentsxxx
Support Options (At level)
Email supportvvv
24/7 chat supportxvx
Integrations (Import & Storage)
Google Drive / G-Suitevvv
Microsoft 365 / OneDrivevvx
Integrations (CRM)
Microsoft Dynamicsxxx
Integrations (Productivity & Other)
v – Offered Solution, x – Not Offered, o – Unknown / Unclear

Standard plans

eSignature SolutionStandard Plan / Plan Name
DocuSignv / Standard
SignNowv / Business Premium
Adobe Signv / Small Business
SignRequestv / Business
SignEasyv / Professional
v – Offered Solution

The DocuSign cost for the Standard plan is $40 month-to-month or $25 per month with an annual subscription plan. This is a middle-tier plan designed for smaller businesses. Most plans in this category lack integration with CRMs like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, and this is the case for DocuSign users.

The Standard plan is the first plan where custom branding is among the DocuSign features offered to subscribers, and most competitors follow suit by offering similar branding and customization experiences at this level.

The largest lift in restrictions on these plans has little to do with ease of use. Instead, it comes down to the number of documents that users can send. DocuSign users on the Personal plan can only send 5 documents each month. With the Standard plan, standard usage rates apply, allowing for 100 envelopes per year (around 8-9 per month sent on average).

Competitor Highlights

Most DocuSign competitors follow a similar trajectory in their product offering, but there are a few key features that stand out for users who want to switch:

  • At this level, SignNow offers unlimited sending with no cap on usage limits beyond daily limits (between 100 and 3000 documents per day, depending on the plan).
  • Adobe Sign, SignRequest, and SignEasy offer payment gateways at this level, allowing signers to pay with credit cards.
  • Multiple alternative solutions offer signer attachments and bulk signing solutions at this level, two features that DocuSign specifically withholds until the Business Pro package.
  • SignRequest offers Salesforce integrations at this level while SignEasy connects with Zoho CRM.

Best plan at this level: SignRequest or Adobe Sign

Users in need of a Salesforce integration for a smaller sales team need look no further than SignRequest’s Business plan. At $12 per month for an annual subscription or just $15 month-to-month, it’s a strong signing solution at a solid price.

However, Adobe is also a great option at this level if you’re looking for a payment gateway. At $34.99 per month, this service is considerably more expensive but it would allow users to capture payment information along with their signed documents.


It’s worth pointing out that PandaDoc users can do this with the Free eSign Plan if they just need to upload their documents and send them for signature.

Both SignRequest and Adobe Sign also offer bulk send options at this level (not offered in the PandaDoc Free eSign Plan), so both are worth a look depending on your budget and your needs.

Plan DetailsDocuSignSignRequestAdobe Sign
Plan NameStandardBusinessSmall Business
Monthly Pricing$40 month/user$12 per month/userN/A
Annual Pricing$25 month/user$15 month/user$34.99 month/user
Maximum Number of Users5Unlimited1
Minimum Number of UsersN/A1N/A
Number of Documents SentUnlimited*Unlimited150 per user/year
Standard Usage Limits100 envelopes per user/yearUnlimited*150 transactions per user/year
Basic Drag and Drop Fieldsvvv
Mobile Appvxv
Reusesable TemplatesvUnlimitedv
Signing Ordervvv
Multiple RecipientsvUp to 20v
Bulk Sendxvv
Real-Time Audit Trailvvv
Integrations: Import & Storagevvv
Integrations: CRMxvx
Integrations: Productivity & Otherovx
Language Supportvvv
Document UploadsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Document Editorxxx
Pre-built Template Libraryxxx
Payment Gatewayxxv
Data Validationooo
Custom Brandingvvv
In-person Signaturesxvv
Commenting & Collaborative Fieldsvvv
Signer Attachmentsxvv
Support Options (At level)
Email supportvvx
24/7 chat supportxxv
Integrations (Import & Storage)
Google Drive / G-Suitevvx
Microsoft 365 / OneDrivevxv
Integrations (CRM)
Microsoft Dynamicsxxx
Integrations (Productivity & Other)
v – Offered Solution, x – Not Offered, o – Unknown / Unclear; * – Need Additional Clarity

Business Pro plans

eSignature SolutionBusiness Pro Plan / Plan Name
DocuSignv / Business Pro
PandaDocv / Business
HelloSignv / Business
SignNowv / Enterprise
Adobe Signv / Business
RightSignaturev / Advanced
SignEasyv / Business
v – Offered Solution

Short of a customized solution, the Business Pro plan is as advanced as DocuSign users can get. These plans are designed to handle most business needs and, by and large, are equipped with a kitchen sink variety of features that will be more than enough for most small to medium businesses.

At this level, it’s important to shift your idea of scale and focus on the per-user price. Businesses looking at these plans may be considering more than one or two users, and that will drive the investment in your e-signature solution up quickly.

DocuSign and most other competitors offer all basic and some advanced features at this level. With Business Pro, DocuSign users can finally collect payments, use collaborative fields, request signer attachments, and gather in-person signatures. DocuSign even offers the ability to embed documents into a website using Powerforms — something we didn’t see from most competitors — along with additional advanced authentication functionality for an extra charge.

However, DocuSign and several other companies still keep integrations close to the vest. With the exception of cloud storage integrations like Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox, many critical CRM integrations are locked behind custom and advanced solutions that must be designed by a sales team.

Competitor Highlights

At this level, competitors are offering their best solutions for their highest price. Here are a few of the key takeaways from most DocuSign competitors:

  • PandaDoc offers connections and integrations with many CRMs at this level, but both Salesforce and Zapier connections cost an additional $10 per month.
  • At this level, Adobe Sign requires a 3-year commitment at $39.99 per user.
  • HelloSign and RightSignature are the only solutions we found that offer users as part of the plan.

HelloSign offers five users seats for $50/month total ($10 per seat).


RightSignature offers 3 seats at $60/month total ($20 per seat).


Best plan at this level: PandaDoc and SignRequest

Overall, we’re proud to recommend PandaDoc as the best solution at the Business level. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our plan has everything customers need, from key integrations to the ability to design important business documents from scratch.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that combines ease of use, simple user management, and maximum flexibility, PandaDoc is the right solution for you.

We also want to highlight SignRequest. While we didn’t list SignRequest as a competitor at this stage, that’s because our list is based on price points.

All SignRequest plans are so cost-effective that they don’t charge users as much as other DocuSign competitors. If you’re considering an enterprise-level solution, their Business plan is still worth consideration.

Plan DetailsDocuSignPandaDocSignRequest
Plan NameBusiness ProBusinessPandaDoc is the
best plan but you
should also check
out the Business
plan that
SignRequest offers.
Monthly Pricing$60 month/user$59 month/user
Annual Pricing$40 month/user$49 month/user
Maximum Number of Users5 (Call for more)Unlimited
Minimum Number of Users11
Number of Documents SentUnlimited*Unlimited
Standard Usage Limits100 envelopes per user/yearUnlimited
Basic Drag and Drop Fieldsvv
Mobile Appvv
Reusesable Templatesvv
Signing Ordervv
Multiple RecipientsvUp to 50
Bulk SendvAvailable as
paid add-on
Real-Time Audit Trailvv
Integrations: Import & Storagevv
Integrations: CRMxv
Integrations: Productivity & Otherov
Language Supportvv
Document UploadsUnlimitedUnlimited
Document Editorxv
Pre-built Template Libraryxv
Payment Gatewayvv
Data Validationox
Custom Brandingvv
In-person Signaturesvx
Commenting & Collaborative Fieldsvv
Signer Attachmentsvv
Support Options (At level)
Email supportvv
24/7 chat supportxv
Integrations (Import & Storage)
Google Drive / G-Suitevv
Microsoft 365 / OneDrivevv
Integrations (CRM)
SalesforcexAdditional $10/month
Microsoft Dynamicsxv
Integrations (Productivity & Other)
ZapierxAdditional $10/month
SlackxZapier Required
v – Offered Solution, x – Not Offered, o – Unknown / Unclear; * – Need Additional Clarity

Which plan is right for you?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which electronic signature solution is right for you, but we hope this guide helps you determine your best fit.

Across every e-signature company, some functionality is standardized. Mobile apps for Android and iOS, for example, are commonplace across all DocuSign competitors, but every plan varies slightly from the DocuSign service.

While you’re considering your options, we recommend giving the PandaDoc Free eSign Plan a try. It’s a powerful tool that you can use to get documents signed at no charge. If you want to try out our document editor, sign up for a free trial to see PandaDoc in action!


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