Why business document templates are incredibly useful tools

PandaDoc was created to fulfill a very distinct need in the business community: the need for an extensive catalog of polished, professional documents, adhering to the high standards of the business world. No matter what industry you are involved in, you recognize the importance of standing out.

With our ever-growing collection of document templates, PandaDoc offers you and your business a way to truly stand out, increase your business, and gain success.

Templates save you time

PandaDoc assists the busy professional in several ways. By utilizing a ready-made business template, you will save valuable time that can be delegated elsewhere, allowing you to focus on other business-related matters. PandaDoc makes it easy for you to input all the relevant information into your template within minutes, creating a finished template you can send, share, and run with.

This ease of use is especially wonderful when you need to produce a contract or other agreement. These type of documents don’t necessarily need to be fancy, but they do need to contain all the proper legal language and necessary terms of agreement. This is why PandaDoc is so great. All templates have been created by professionals in their industry, so you can feel extremely confident that the document you choose will be on-the-nose comprehensive.

You can feel secure in the knowledge and legalize contained within each template, so you don’t have to spend time researching. All you need to do is input your necessary business information into the template, add any specifics you need, and you’re good to go. We’re certain our customizable templates are some of the highest quality documents to be found on the web.

Uniquely customizable

The customizability of our templates is paramount to your business success. By starting with a well-crafted, professional template, you already have the basis for a high-quality document. But by adding your own individual touches to your template, you can create a masterful, attractive document which is completely unique to you and your business. Our templates allow you to add photos, links, icons — anything you feel will improve the document and increase your chances of success.

Our proposal templates can be suited to your whims and become something truly special. The content you add can be expanded as much as you’d like, allowing you to customize your document exclusively for each new client. This is how you stand out, and PandaDoc gives you the tools to get you there.

Consistency and clarity

Utilizing templates for your business documents has the important benefit of maintaining document consistency. A business reproduces and uses multiple documents in large numbers. Having a ready-made template that you prefer and trust can help streamline the entire process-saving you time and stress. Utilizing the same template repeatedly ensures consistency among all your documents — all the important information will be readily included, and any specifics for each new document can be easily imported.

Templates like those at PandaDoc which have been carefully created, also contain language that aids in the clarity of the document. Clients will receive all the information they need through your documents in a straightforward, understandable manner. The highly professional PandaDoc templates also have been extensively proofread and polished, to have a clean look, respectful and concise language and tone, impeccable spelling and grammar, and an overall appeal that makes them ideal documents to use time and time again.

Send, share, receive

Once your fantastic documents have been created, PandaDoc assists you by allowing your documents to be sent, received, and signed by your clients electronically. This adds an entirely new level of professionalism to the mix, and helps you get work done faster and more efficiently. Not only can you share your documents with ease, but PandaDoc now has a Google Docs add-on.

This connects PandaDoc right to your Google Drive and your documents. The PandaDoc add-on lets you transform any document into a PandaDoc, which can be instantly sent out to clients for signatures and review.

Once your document has been sent, you also have the capability to track the document — to be informed when a client opens the document and to receive reports on how long a client spends looking at each particular section. This provides a wonderful resource when creating future documents, as it demonstrates what areas of each document are strongest and most influential to a potential client.

Amy Dresser

Amy Dresser

Amy is the in-house copywriter for Webics, a Search Engine Marketing agency based in Australia. She makes a living with the written word and loves using her skills to craft creative and engaging text. She holds a Master’s in English from the University of Stirling, Scotland.

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