Managing a sales team requires many complex skills. One of the most commonly encountered situations is related to document tracking.

Picture this: you send a document to one of your colleagues which essentially informs them they have to come to a meeting.

Your colleague does not attend the meeting and your superior calls both of you in. Who is at fault?

Even if you have really sent the document to your colleague, they may have not seen it. When dealing with such situations, it is best to save time by using a document management software application.

Comparing DocSend and other tools

When it comes to objectively comparing two software applications, it is all about certain criteria.

In order to ensure everything is transparent and accurate, we have set up a set of 4 factors that greatly influence the acquisition of such a tool.

These are based on our experts’ point of view thanks to their wide expertise.

  1. Ease of use: How easy it is for an intermediate user to take advantage of all the available functions of the software application.
  2. Functionality: How well-developed the available functions are and how good do they do the job.
  3. Price / Features: Is paying for a membership subscription worth paying when taking the available functions in the account?
  4. eSignature: Does the software application allow you to electronically sign documents in order to ensure that the entire data is valid and verified.

What is DocSend?

DocSend is an application that allows you to securely share documents with your collaborators. It basically works just as Google Drive (or Microsoft One Drive) does.

All you have to do is to upload your document and generate a link with Visitor permissions. After this, you can easily share the link with your collaborators.

Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

Compared to other Cloud-based drives, DocSend allows you to analyze the behavior of your collaborators.

For example, you will be able to see exactly how much time the visitors spend on the page when they access the document, as well as many other great insights.

And the best part is about to come! The entire functionality of the app works in real-time, meaning that you do not have to constantly refresh the page in order to see the workflow of your team.

Still, due to its pricing, DocSend may not be the best option for your sales enablement program. Fortunately, there are many alternatives when it comes to managing the documents your team works with.

Because we know how busy your schedule really is, we have decided to come up with 13 of the best alternatives in matters of software solutions similar to DocSend.

This article will surely be to the marketing teams and Sales Representatives (commonly referred to as sales reps) liking.

Besides the brief description of the top alternatives, you will also get a better understanding of the exact difference between DocSend and other plugins.

Your workspace will definitely get a boost in matters of productivity after briefing your team members on how to use one of these tools.

Let’s get to work!

01. PandaDoc


Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 5/5

Price / Features: 5/5

eSignature: Yes

PandaDoc is basically the cheaper alternative to DocSend. Besides allowing you to save some money each month, you will also get some more advanced features.

For example, PandaDoc includes up to 15 Customer Relationship Management (commonly referred to as CRM) integrations. On the other hand, DocSend only allows you to enjoy 1 CRM integration.

Thanks to the well-developed CRMs available on the market, your sales force will enjoy increased productivity. You will also get the opportunity to set up a business process that streamlines sales workflows.

What is more, the eSignature feature allows any user to validate and apply an electronic signature to a document.

This opens up new opportunities in matters of flexibility, as mobile devices are a great way of maintaining your team connected all the time.

In matters of electronic signatures, PandaDoc is the older brother of DocSend. Thanks to the enhanced security protocols used you can rest assured knowing your documents are valid and authentic.

Each employee who works on a particular document can apply their signature within a few seconds.

More functions for less money

Besides the basic functions offered by DocSend, PandaDoc also allows you to enjoy:

Word documents and PDF files are the only two file formats accepted by DocSend. Still, PandaDoc gives you more wiggling room and allows you to upload and even create new documents.

Using the new and improved online document editor enhanced with a library full of templates, you will be able to turn boring and old-looking documents into readable and engaging files.

How many times do you check your inbox every day? 10? 20 times? Or do you count on the notifications sent by Gmail (or even instant messaging apps) when a new message kicks in?

Instead of using email to collaborate with your team members, you can integrate the instant chatting function into the document-sharing app.

Thanks to the new and improved API, you can now chat with your colleagues and address issues without having to capture screenshots and then send them as separate files via email.

This will surely improve your team’s efficiency and will ease up the workflow.

Always keep your documents safe

Thanks to the 128 bits encryption, PandaDoc reaches a new standard in matters of document security. When using this Sales Engagement Platform, you can rest assured knowing all your docs are in good hands.

This software uses a security architecture that is similar to Amazon and DropBox. Last but not least, PandaDoc allows you to make sure that crucial content remains intact.

If you want a document to be read-only, all you have to do is to check the associated checkbox. After saving your settings, the document can be easily pinned to the top of the workspace. This way, all your teammates will be able to see the document.

One of the most important advantages of PandaDoc, when compared to DocSend, is the price. Being able to obtain, not the same, but even better functions for a smaller amount of money is the dream of any Sales Representative.

In order to get a better understanding of how much money you can save by switching to PandaDoc, you should definitely check out the Pricing section on the official website.

The 14-days trial is your best friend

If you are not sure if PandaDoc is the right software for you and your team, you can get a taste of what it is like by joining the trial program.

You can try out all the functions available in the Premium membership for up to 14 days, without having to add any billing information.

All you have to do is to fill in some of your basic information and apply for a 14-days trial.

PandaDoc only allows you to pay for an annual subscription. Compared to DocSend, which gives you more options when it comes to paying for a membership plan, it is more of a long-term investment.

Nevertheless, the trial period allows you to get a great understanding of whether the software is exactly what you are looking for or not.

02. DocuSign


Ease of use: 4/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

DocuSign is an automation tool that has been originally launched for SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses.

Its main purpose is to allow sales representatives to electronically sign and manage documents without having to deal with complex Content Management Systems (C.M.S.).

Creating, sending, and sharing agreements could have never been easier.

Say you are the sales representative of a SaaS business that sells digital marketing services. One of your customers lives in Europe and wants you to create a Facebook page for their company.

You come up with an initial draft for the contract (agreement) but then you figure out that there are some modifications that should be operated.

Instead of starting everything over, you can simply modify the contract and forward it to your collaborator.

After everything is set up, your customer can sign the agreement using their electronic signature within a few seconds.

Depending on the regulations in their country, they can add certain fields. For example, they can add the date of signature, their position in the company and many other pieces of information.

This is exactly what DocuSign does. It allows companies to collaborate in real-time, share and sign documents. And all these functions are offered without paying a fortune.

Besides an acceptable price, DocuSign also comes up with one of the greatest security systems that maintain all your documents safe. It also complies with some of the most robust regulations in both U.S. and EU when it comes to digital security.

DocuSign vs. DocSend: Which one is better?

When it comes to comparing the two software applications, the difference is obvious. DocuSign offers mobile versions (for both iOS and Android devices).

Yet, none of the two apps include Windows-based deployment. Fortunately, cloud-based operations are your best friend these days when everything is done on the go.

The price of DocSend is similar to the one of DocuSign. Still, DocSend offers quotation-based payment, meaning that if your company is a startup with a small budget you may be able to obtain a personalized offer depending on your needs.

03. HighSpot


Ease of use: 3/5

Functionality: 5/5

Price / Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

HighSpot is one of the popular Sales Enablement Software this year. It was originally created for bigger companies (with up to 5,000 employees).

Besides offering basic document editing and sharing functions, it also includes some features related to the sales process.

For example, using HighSpot you can schedule and conduct a meeting with your entire sales team. This is especially useful when you work in a company which brings together people from all around the world.

Many businesses count on freelancers and individuals who are willing to work remotely. The Covid 19 pandemic obliged managers to come up with complex health-oriented plans on how to turn traditional companies into hybrid ones.

Being able to manage a company with thousands of employees who work remotely from all around the world, really is a big deal.

You must be aware of the distinct time zones your employees may fall under, laws and regulations which may affect your organization’s activity, as well as many other complex aspects.

Fortunately, HighSpot offers you the opportunity to manage your business using a complex yet intuitive software application.

Filling the gap between strategy and execution, HighSpot is the go-to solution when it comes to organizational leadership. In matters of eSignature, HighSpot is very similar to PandaDoc.

They use very similar security protocols. However, the PandaDoc eSignature can be applied with only a couple of clicks. This is especially useful if you have to deal with a large number of documents in a short time.

How is HighSpot different from DocSend?

HighSpot is definitely one of the best alternatives to DocSend. When it comes to comparing the two software applications, HighSpot is a more complex tool while DocSend is more of a problem-oriented solution.

The latter addresses a specific issue (document management) while the first one allows a team leader to address a number of issues that can come up when managing a business.

To put everything in a nutshell, HighSpot is more complex and has many more functions compared to DocSend.

04. ClearSlide


Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

ClearSlide is one of the popular solutions when it comes to Sales Engagement Platforms. Besides the basic functions of a Sales Engagement tool, it also includes several features related to team management.

The new and improved look of the platform allows team leaders to moderate meetings with their teammates.

What is more, being a mobile-friendly application, brings a flexibility tendency in your company’s workflow. Even if all your team members work remotely from home, you can still schedule meetings and perform all kinds of basic tasks for team administration purposes.

In matters of pricing, it is not that transparent. Offering 3 distinct subscription plans with individual benefits and drawbacks, ClearSlide does not show any standard price. Their sales flow requires prospects to contact them in order to get a more accurate quote.

This usually results in a more personalized offer and that is exactly what most team leaders are looking for.

If your team does not necessarily need electronic signatures on their documents, you can discuss this issue with the sales representative and maybe you can make a compromise.

Depending on the flexibility of the sales team, you can even get a discount if you remove the eSignature function from the subscription.

On the other hand, if you need an eSignature for your company you might want to take a look at PandaDoc. The user interface is way simpler and can be used by anyone without training.

ClearSlide vs. DocSend

When it comes to comparing DocSend to ClearSlide, there is one crucial thing to mention: metrics can now be integrated with many other applications.

ClearSlide allows you to integrate all your statistics with Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, as well as other messaging applications.

Therefore, both you and your team members will surely get a better understanding of your team’s effectiveness. This results in faster identification of the issues that you may encounter in your workflow.

Another important aspect is related to the meeting-related functions. You can now present statistics, insights and solutions directly using the integrated features of ClearSlide.

You do not have to use any other associated plugins when presenting your workflow. This is especially useful if not all your team members are that skilled when it comes to the latest technologies.

05. Proposify


Ease of use: 4/5

Functionality: 3/5

Price / Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

Proposify is another great tool that was originally designed for SaaS companies. It is basically a web app that is meant to ease up the entire agreement signing process.

Starting from the first draft of the contract and finishing with the electronic signatures applied by both parties, Proposify is a great option when it comes to moving your sales process online.

Besides the advanced monitoring functions, the application allows you to create and adjust templates that you can use anytime.

Say you have a company that offers Social Media management services. The services included in a contract are basically the same, with particular modifications each time.

For example, the name of the Facebook page may change, the expected number of posts that are to be posted every day. But apart from those particular aspects, the contract remains the same.

Therefore, using a pre-defined template is a great option when it comes to reducing the time you spend on each sale.

But what happens after you finish the final form of the contract? That’s when Proposify actually kicks in. The entire agreement validation process can be easily monitored using the integrated API.

You can see when your client views the contract, what changes they suggest, as well as many other insights. This results in a transparent procedure when you do not have to keep sending follow-up emails just to make sure your customer has received your last message.

When it comes to actually sign the contract, Proposify is a great option. It lets you integrate an electronic signature to validate the authenticity of the document.

However, the only drawback is related to the ease of use. Some employees who are not that interested in the latest technologies may find it difficult to apply the eSignature.

If you want something simpler, you might want to take a quick look at PandaDoc.

What’s the difference between DocSend and Proposify?

To keep things straight, Proposify is more of a premium application. It means it is a bit more expensive compared to DocSend.

Another important aspect you should keep in your mind is related to deployment accessibility. Proposify allows its users to deploy anywhere, starting from Mac devices and Windows desktops to mobile devices operating iOS and Android. Both applications offer monthly and yearly subscription plans.

06. GetAccept


Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 5/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

GetAccept is one of the most popular tools available on the market when it comes to creating and tracking a business proposal.

Not only it gives you the tools you need to write, proofread and modify the proposal content but it also brings in great functions related to sharing and tracking your sales process.

Picture this: you represent a company selling digital marketing services and you did not have any customers this month.

So you start looking here and there, hoping to find some people who could benefit from your services. After finding several names who might become customers, you send them a job proposal.

However, even after 5 business days, they do not reply. And you are not sure whether they are on vacation or they simply left you on Seen.

GetAccept is a tool that resolves exactly this problem. It brings you what you need to land your sales easier and faster.

All you have to do is to write the business proposal and generate the shareable link. After sharing it with your potential customer, you will be able to track the amount of time they spent on your proposal.

If they simply open it, read the first two lines and then close it, then you have a problem. And that translates into bad marketing.

The eSignature API is a useful one especially when it comes to validating digital documents. You can now apply your signature in a digital version within a few seconds.

In matters of ease of use, GetAccept is very similar to PandaDoc. The only difference between the two software tools is the security protocol.

PandaDoc comes with a more advanced protocol that ensures no one else is able to apply your personal eSignature.

GetAccept vs DocSend: Which works the best?

The main difference between the two apps is related to the subject of activity. GetAccept is created only for people who want to share their job proposals with potential customers.

This app allows them to get insights and adjust their approach. DocSend, on the other hand, allows you to share any kind of content with your team members and collaborators.

It is specially designed for people who are part of a team and who have to share documents safely and easily.

07. Showpad Content

Ease of use: 3/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

ShowPad Content is a tool that works the best at an enterprise level. It was originally designed for company managers who wanted to ease up the workflow of their employees.

This application allows any employee to share documents, files, and even folders with anyone who is part of the company.

Of course, everything is done according to a plan and a set of access permissions but that is only for administrative purposes.

Managers find this app a great option when it comes to simplifying everything that happens in the company.

Starting from paychecks and other administrative things to more complex issues, such as supply chain problems, ShowPad Content is able to help you share anything with your colleagues.

Given the fact that this is mainly a company-oriented application, it does not include any proposal management function. Therefore, you will not be able to create, share and track any particular business proposals you might want to send.

The eSignature offered by ShowPad Content is not the best one but it does its job. The user interface is a bit bulky one but that can be easily resolved using training for your employee.

Yet, if you do not want to spend extra time teaching your employees how to use particular software, PandaDoc might be a better alternative.

How is ShowPad Content different from DocSend?

Well, to keep things straight, ShowPad Content is more of a business administration tool. It allows you as a company manager (or team leader) to share documents and files with your teammates, create tasks and so on.

Even so, DocSend is more of a document-based tool. It only allows you to share certain file formats with people you collaborate with. What is more, DocSend can be successfully used for business proposals.

08. Qwirl

Ease of use: 4/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

Qwirl is a tool that allows you to turn business proposals, presentations and quotes into mobile-friendly pages that are nice to see.

It also lets you share these documents and files with your collaborators and potential clients using a shareable link.

What is more, the shareable link also contains a function that allows you to track the actions one performs while viewing the document.

It is a great option if you are looking for a high level of transparency when working with documents. Who did that change?

Who did not open the file about the meeting? Did you actually read what was written there? These questions will be easily answered if you start using such a tool.

If you are not sure whether Qwirl is a suitable option for your business or not, you might want to try out their 14-days trial.

This way you will be able to check out all the functions available on the platform and get a better understanding of how exactly this tool works.

Qwirl offers you a free-to-use eSignature that you can apply to your digital documents. This increases the authenticity level of your workflow, making sure all the files are valid.

However, it is not that highly customizable. If you need to change the text included in your eSignature, you should try out PandaDoc.

Is Qwirl the same thing with DocSend?

Basically, yes. Qwirl and DocSend essentially serve the same purposes. Those two tools allow their users to create, share and track documents with their collaborators and potential clients.

It is only about personal preference when it comes to choosing between the two options. Pricing may be a factor that helps you decide which one works best for you and your company.

09. LegaleSign


Ease of use: 4/5

Functionality: 3/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

LegaleSign is a software application that serves authenticity validation purposes. It allows its users to sign documents and validate their content using electronic signatures (eSignature).

Depending on the laws and regulations your company has to comply with, you may be obliged to use a mutually accepted electronic signature software.

Therefore, LegaleSign is a great option when it comes to keeping your documents safe.

Besides offering electronic signature functions, it also includes features related to document sharing and tracking.

However, these are not as advanced as the ones included in specialized document management tools. But those work great at a low level when you only need to perform basic tasks.

If you need to perform more complex tasks and enjoy a fully customizable eSignature, PandaDoc is a better solution for your company.

Is LegaleSign different from DocSend?

Definitely, yes. LegaleSign is a tool that serves authenticity purposes. DocSend is a document management tool.

LegaleSign tangentially includes document sharing functions while DocSend is specially designed to do these kinds of actions.

If you want to effectively keep the track of your documents, you will surely need a document management application.

10. OneSpan Sign


Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

OneSpan Sign is another tool that is specifically designed for validating the authenticity of documents.

Using electronic signatures, its users can sign and seal digital documents, making sure everything is alright. What is more, this application also includes several personalization functions.

Instead of just mentioning your name on the signature, you can now add the date of signing, location, as well as your position in the company.

These aspects were introduced in order for the application to comply with the latest laws and regulations companies have to comply with within both United States and Europe.

This makes OneSpan Sign very similar to PandaDoc. However, if you are not willing to pay that much for only a couple of functions, you might want to switch to PandaDoc.

What is the difference between OneSpan Sign and DocSend?

OneSpan Sign is an electronic signature software, while DocSend is a document management tool.

The first one is meant to allow its users to sign digital documents, while the second one is meant to let its users track documents and activities performed in relationship with the content.

Using the first tool, you will not be able to track how much time one spends reading the document. Yet, the second tool will not allow you to electronically sign your files.

11. Salesforce

Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

Salesforce is an authentic C.R.M. It is basically a tool that allows company managers to address a number of issues related to their business relationship with their customers.

Ranging anywhere from customer spending habits tracking to creating financial reports for taxing purposes, this tool is a great option when it comes to keeping all your tasks in one place.

It allows you to save some extra time when managing your business, time you can use in some other, more effective way.

This is especially useful when you work in a large company where you can not get in touch efficiently with all your employees.

Sharing documents and keeping the track of who works on what is no longer a problem with this tool.

Being an authentic C.R.M., Salesforce also includes an eSignature. This makes it compete with PandaDoc in many fields.

However, the main difference between the two software tools consists of the price/performance ratio.

For a better result, PandaDoc is the solution for your company, because Salesforce might also need additional training for your employees, depending on their level of tech enthusiasm.

Salesforce vs. DocSend

Comparing the two software applications we immediately see the fact that they are built very differently from each other.

Salesforce allows you to manage your entire business while DocSend is designed specifically for document management purposes.

Still, if you want to keep track of the files you send, you can easily do that with Salesforce. In matters of pricing, DocSend is a bit cheaper than its alternative.

12. HubSpot


Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 4/5

eSignature: Yes

HubSpot is a tool that serves C.R.M. purposes. It is designed to help company managers and team leaders keep track of their entire sale process.

Starting from logistic issues to offering continuous customer support in an effective way, this tool allows you to perform plenty of actions within a few seconds a save a significant amount of time.

It is especially great if you want to keep track of the tasks you assign to certain people. Sending files to your employees and getting insights based on their activity could never be easier.

Even so, these functions come with a cost. The price of this tool is a bit higher than the alternatives available on the market.

Yet, it seems to be a great value for the price you pay. This platform is an all-in-one management tool for sales team leaders so if you are looking for methods to improve your company’s effectiveness, you might want to try it out.

However, when it comes to electronically sign your documents, HubSpot is not the best in business. For a more customizable eSignature, PandaDoc is your best friend.

Is HubSpot better than DocSend?

Shortly, yes. But that depends very much on what exactly you are planning on doing for your company.

If you only want to share documents and keep track of your employees’ activities during their working hours, DocSend is just perfect.

But if you want an all-in-one software that allows you to keep the track of your entire company, you might want to stick to HubSpot.

13. SalesHandy


Ease of use: 4/5

Functionality: 4/5

Price/Features: 5/5

eSignature: Yes

SalesHandy is a tool specifically designed for keeping track of your messages and emails. Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, you will surely benefit from using this automation tool.

Among its most popular features, you get an automatic tracker of the emails you send.

Did you send an email 3 days ago that remained without a reply from your customer? No worries. This tool automatically sends follow-up emails in order to maintain the sales process alive.

In matters of eSignature, SalesHandy is good but not great. It only includes a couple of functions related to signature personalization.

However, these might be enough if you work in a small company. On the other hand, if you need to be able to actively customize your eSignature and enjoy the highest level of security, PandaDoc is a better alternative.

How is SalesHandy different from DocSend?

DocSend is created for sharing documents and files while SalesHandy is built to track emails and messages.

This depends very much on how your entire process works. If you often share documents with your collaborators using email platforms, then SalesHandy may come in … well, handy.

On the other hand, if you only want to share documents but keep an accurate track of how much time your collaborators spend on each file, DocSend is your best bet.

How we sourced our data

Gathering relevant information is a difficult task these days, especially due to the increased volume of data that is disseminated through the Internet.

However, in order to ensure you get the best information available, we have conducted a complex research process. In this alternative list, we have included only tools that fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Is able to perform basic document management activities (creating and sharing files and documents).
  2. Offers a wide variety of file formats (including PDF and Word documents).
  3. Does not cost a fortune (paying an arm and a leg for a virtual tool is not an option, from our perspective).
  4. Is available on an extensive market (not only Europe or U.S.).
  5. Includes an authenticity verification function (eSignature / electronic signature).

Yet, no one actually knows everything. So we need reliable sources of information in order to get our hands on the best data available.

Yet, not all websites can be successfully used to gather relevant information about certain software applications. Some of the sources we have used during this research activity are:

However, the websites were only used to gather relevant information. Personal perspectives and points of view are not taken into consideration.

Besides different review-based articles, we have also used the official websites of each tool to gather data about pricing, trials, and many other aspects.


To put everything in a nutshell, there are many alternatives to DocSend. This tool works great but it can be easily substituted if you find what works best for you and your company.

However, the first thing you have to do is to decide what exactly you want to do. Do you want to share word documents and files while being able to keep track of your employees’ activities? DocSend is the solution.

Do you want to get more advanced functions that integrate well into your company’s sales process? You might want to stick to an alternative application that is able to offer you enhanced features, like PandaDoc.

Start your 14-day free trial now and check it yourself!