The PandaDoc Affiliate Program

The PandaDoc Affiliate Program is the easiest way for you to make a profit promoting a tool you love.

Fixed cost per lead

Double payment for a quality lead. Get high payouts by referring more customers to the PandaDoc platform. Earn up to $2 for an Inquiry on our website and up to $5 for a confirmed application.
Affiliate - Cost per lead

Earn competitive commissions

We offer 10% of the first year revenue. We provide 60-day tracking cookies to make sure lead is attributed to you. Depending on the type of plan you refer, you’ll earn $20 to $1,000 of the first payment your referral makes.
Affiliate - Commission

Advanced analytics

Our dashboard gives you the ability to see advanced analytics about each of your referrals. You can track: Clicks, Signups, Payments
Affiliate - Analytics

Assistance and marketing materials

We have a wide range of banners and other marketing materials that can help you attract new referrals. Also, you’ll have a dedicated affiliate manager who can help answer any questions and provide any affiliate assistance you need. Marketing materials we provide: Banners (plenty of different sizes), eBooks, Videos, Webinars, Case studies
Affiliate - Marketing

How can I become a great affiliate partner?

Expand your network and share the product info

Try the product yourself and learn every feature

Automate your document process

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Do I need to be a PandaDoc Customer to qualify for the affiliate program?

No, you do not, but why wouldn’t you want to have a more efficient sales proposal process? View our product tour to learn more about how we can help you close deals faster.

How do I sign up for the program?

Simply complete this form. Once we receive your information, your personal account manager will reach out.

Where can I see the affiliate program agreement?

For the full terms of our Affiliate Program, visit this page.

What is the commission structure?

You’ll receive 10% of the first year annual recurring revenue.

What kind of traffic do you accept?

Any kind of traffic is acceptable but here are the most converted types of traffic: SEO, Native, Search, Video, Social. The only restriction is PPC Brand Traffic and any fraudulent traffic. If you aren’t sure whether your type of traffic works – please contact our affiliate manager.

How do I get paid?

Once you are registered and approved, you can select your preferable payment method and connect your account. Once PandaDoc receives payment from the customer, you will be paid on the 15th of the next calendar month.

What is a qualified lead?

A qualified lead is a lead that is not currently active in the sales process with PandaDoc. The lead must also pass proper qualification rules defined by PandaDoc.