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How to write a professional quote with PandaDoc

A professional quote is a type of business document that specifically details the cost of a job. The detail and style of the quote may vary from case to case and business to business, but the basic function of a quote typically remains the same.

A casual quote from your mechanic or local small business might be a price quote scribbled down on a piece of paper. A full professional business quote from a large enterprise business, on the other hand, may be pages long, include a ready-made contract, and a whole host of other elements like pricing tables, extra add-on options, and more.

If all this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Writing quotes shouldn’t be difficult. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics about quotes and when you may need one. In addition, we’ll show you how to write a professional quote quickly and easily using PandaDoc quoting software.

How to create a quote with PandaDoc

We work hard to make PandaDoc the easiest way to build, send, and track all your quotes and other business documents.

Follow these steps to create a professional, effective quote right from our cloud-based application:

  1. Click the ‘New Document’ button on your dashboard.
  2. Choose a quote template from the list, or start a blank document.
  3. Start customizing your template. With a simple click, you can drag and drop fields and blocks into the template like text, videos, pricing tables, drop down menus, signature fields and so much more.

It’s really that simple. You can make your quotes as basic or as complex as you’d like – everything is fully customizable to suit your unique needs and the needs of your prospects and customers. Don’t forget about our extensive list of CRM integrations. By using an integration, you can automatically populate necessary information about your business and client into your docs directly from your CRM.

Who needs professional quotes?

Business of every size typically have a need for a quote at some point in the sales process. If your in the business of providing a product or service, like every company in the world, then there is an extremely high chance that someone will want to know what that product or service is going to cost.

A well-designed, professional-looking quote can make a huge impact on your company brand. It can make your business look like a million bucks, and if you include a contract in the quote, it can seal the deal pretty much immediately.

Estimates and quotes – What’s the difference?

Estimates and quotes are similar in a lot of ways. They both give a potential customer a price for a product or service but differ in format.

An estimate is, as the name suggests, a predicted price that is calculated based on the information available at the time. For example, a builder may send an estimate to a potential customer for a home extension prior to assessing the property, discussing specifics of the job, etc. Estimates are not intended to be legally-binding and are only used to give an idea of price.

Quotes are more formal in nature and should provide an exact price. They may contain additional information and a detailed breakdown of costs and services involved. A formal quote can even act as a contract and legally fix the price in some cases.

Advice for building the perfect quote

It’s a good idea to build your quote properly and structure it in a way so that you can build trust with your prospective customer. A quote is essentially the face of your business so you want to project yourself as professionally as possible. If you get it right, your potential clients will be immediately impressed and that much more likely to sign on the dotted line.

1. Structuring your quote

The main goal here is to break down the sections of your quote into a formal structure. This looks professional and makes it easier for your recipient to read. If done correctly, you can also draw their attention to the details you want to push the most, like optional extras to boost your revenue.

Most of this information can be automatically populated via the PandaDoc interface, using our various CRM integrations:


This first section should include basic information such as the company name, your business address, date, quote number, recipient’s name, phone number, among other necessary contact details. Make it clear what the document is by writing the word ‘Quote’ in an obvious place.


Provide the bulk details of the quote here. For instance, information about what exact service or product will be provided, the time period, a breakdown of costs, and anything else you want to convey or include to your prospect.


This section should summarize the quote and include things like total amounts, discounts, and taxes. The footer should also include a call-to-action for the recipient to commit or agree to the quote, such as a signature field.

2. Add extra elements

Extra elements added to quotes can make them look more professional, stand out from the competition, and provide details to help explain what you will provide. With PandaDoc, users can add a wide range of extra features to quotes that simply aren’t possible with a more traditional paper or PDF quote format.

With our app, your quotes are coded in HTML, meaning you can embed all kinds of eye-catching, useful features and functionality. This includes things like videos, high-resolution images, interactive fields, and more to help you close those big deals.

3. Customize the quote to match the task

Many organizations work with different types of sales docs or work from a variation of a single doc. To build each one from scratch that looks professional, will beat your competition, and is on brand takes a ton of time and can be very costly.

To tackle this huge task, you can use quoting software such as PandaDoc. PandaDoc offers a massive range of templates for all business sizes and customer needs. Using these templates, it’s easy for anyone to build a professional-looking quote in a matter of minutes.

Customize the templates however you like, add images, videos, and other rich media, include payment terms, and even utilize one of our CRM integrations to auto-populate the template with your company and your prospect’s information.

Send the documents quickly to as many recipients as you’d like, then track the document’s status to see how effective your quote is and do this all within the intuitive PandaDoc dashboard.

Access powerful quote-creation tools and more

PandaDoc simplifies the quoting process for you and your business. Use our incredibly intuitive software to build a fully-customized quote in mere minutes, send it to your recipients, and track its status at any time. This streamlined process not only saves you a ton of time but it can help you close deals faster.