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How to write a quotation

Quotations are hugely important business documents that are necessary for almost every type of business. You may be self-employed, a small business, or a tiny cog in a huge billion-dollar corporation. You could be sending them yourself, you might be receiving them from other businesses or both.

Whatever your situation may be, you will encounter quotations, also known as quotes, pretty often. This makes it hugely important that you understand quotes and how to write them. This article will show you the basics and help to understand how to write a quotation.

What is a quotation?

A quotation is a document that provides a potential client with information about a job that they have requested.

Some businesses will use short quotations, some will use long quotations, but they will generally include details about the cost of the service you’re offering, the scope of work, timeframes, and similar.

Who uses quotations?

Most organizations that offer a product or service in exchange for payment will most likely use quotations, although not everyone uses them formally.

A quote is a valuable tool for any business as it gives you a golden opportunity to close a deal fast. Sending a professional quotation can legitimize the image of your business, save you time, and offers a chance for the client to sign a contract without you having to make a hard sell.

Advice for building the perfect quotation

Structuring your quote in a way that makes it stand out and easy to follow is very important if you want potential clients to absorb the information and agree to its contents. Getting this right has a massive impact on your conversion rate.

The structure

You want the quotation to have a simple structure so that it is compelling and contains every detail for your future client. If the layout is unusual or disorganized, readers likely won’t respond well. The structure must be a matter of fact, avoid too many technical terms so that readers can skim the information.

The header

The header is the first part of the quotation that your readers will see, so every detail needs to be obvious. It’s a good idea to literally include the title “Quotation” or “Quote” in big letters at the top, to avoid any confusion. You should also add details about your business, like the business name, date, your contact details, name of the recipient, and anything else you think is important.

The main body

Here, you can every detail of the quotation. This will vary depending on the product or service, but it should include things like an individual price breakdown, payment terms, general scope of work, deadlines for delivery, and so on. American legal and tax obligations may vary if you’re doing business outside the United States, so always check before sending.

The summary

This last section is in many ways the most important, and often the quotation footer is where readers skip straight to. Here, specify the tax amount, add total costs, as well as a call to action like a signature box that will allow you to close the deal.

An easy way to write your quotes

With PandaDoc, it takes only a few minutes to create professional quotes from scratch and send them to a number of recipients. Follow these simple steps:

  • From your dashboard, choose “New Document“.
  • Pick a template or start a new document from scratch.
  • Tailor your quotation to suit your sales process. Take advantage of the ease of use to drop enriching elements into your docs with a single click. Add videos, signature fields, pricing tables, and other media-rich elements.

In a few minutes, you’ll have an outstanding, fully-tailored business quotation ready to go. You can even automatically add data from your favorite CRM via an integration.

Make sure your quotations do their job

Reducing the amount of work in your business quote process can have huge positive effects on your business. The way clients view you, the time you spend selling, and your conversion rates can all be positively impacted. It can take time to get it right, but with specially-designed software like PandaDoc, you can have professional, effective quotes ready to send in just minutes.