Pandas helping people

Investing in local communities to solve global challenges

At PandaDoc, we believe that being a good corporate citizen is just as important as delivering the best products and services available on the market. That is why we work hard to serve the public good by investing in programs and partnerships that improve social equity in the regions we live, work, and play.

This mission not only guides our work as a corporate citizen, but also provides a framework through which our business addresses new markets, technologies, and business models.

The PandaDoc Corporate Social Responsibility program invests in scalable and self-sustaining programs that use innovation to meet some of the society’s biggest challenges. We deploy our expertise, technology, partnerships, and financial resources to help build thriving, prosperous communities that improve people’s lives and support our business.

Human Rights & Gender Equality

Her Rights is a Belarusian non-profit organization working to help build a better, more just world for both women and men. One of the non-profit’s most important organizational goals is to help women protect and promote their rights and interests to build a more democratic society based on equal opportunities.

One of the main activities of the organization is to provide free and confidential legal help for women who face gender violence and discrimination. Special attention is paid to the problem of domestic violence: 70% of their clients’ are directly impacted by domestic violence. Women from all regions of Belarus can address the legal helpline, and get legal information and assistance.

Social Equity

PandaDoc works to connect underserved people to information and opportunities they need to thrive. Our investments have helped bring young professionals from underserved communities into the Tech sector, providing them with opportunities for higher paying careers than normally available. And we have also moved workers in developing economies toward financial self-sufficiency.

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