PandaDoc for Dropbox cloud storage provider

With the Dropbox integration, documents created in PandaDoc can automatically be stored in Dropbox. You set the rules for which documents will be stored and where they’ll be synced to.

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Need even more power?

Sync signed documents back to the Dropbox cloud

Do you want copies of signed proposals, quotes and contracts to automatically be saved to your Dropbox folder? Automate this process with a few clicks. Whenever a client signs off on a document using the PandaDoc electronic signature software, a copy will be made (in whichever format you choose) and stored securely in the cloud.

Quickly locate your most important documents

Ensure documents are synced to specific folders so that you can quickly locate them. You control exactly how the automated syncing process works, and can create exact rules for where different types of PandaDoc documents are sent.

Full control of your business documents

The PandaDoc Dropbox integration aims to extend the functionality and power of PandaDoc to your cloud storage. You will have full control of your business documents. You can access them wherever you want, while conducting a range of tasks, like adding signature fields and recipients, from within your Dropbox dashboard.

A smarter way to boost productivity

By enabling PandaDoc clients to take advantage of a fully paperless solution, along with a host of automation and team collaboration tools, most on average save 12 hours per week per employee. With the Dropbox integration, you can add a further layer of efficiency to your workflow.

Simply store PandaDoc contracts in Dropbox

Store pending and completed contracts in Dropbox. Whenever a client signs or pays for a contract, it will automatically be uploaded to a folder in Dropbox.

Directly set up a folder in Dropbox as a document repository

You control how documents are synced to Dropbox. Create rules for determining which folders different types of documents are stored in. Automatically organize all your proposals, quotes and contracts for easy access.

How to setup PandaDoc for Dropbox?

Step 1. Connect PandaDoc with Dropbox via Zapier integration

Log into your Zapier account and connect PandaDoc with a Dropbox account. It’s easy-to-do and only takes a few clicks. Make sure everything’s working and you’re ready to go!

Step 2. Create your Zaps

Create your own automated processes or use our ready-made templates. There’s no limit on the amount of Zaps you can make and you can automate as many aspects of your process as you want to.

*Note: The Zapier free version only allows users to create up to five 2-step zaps which include most major apps. However, this integration might be considered a premium integration for which you will need a paid Zapier plan.

Step 3. Test and customize

See what works, customize and tweak. Once you see how easy it is to use the integration, you’ll wish you’d heard about it sooner.

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