6 best Conga alternatives & competitors

6 best Conga alternatives & competitors

Every company generates quotes, contracts, and other documents during their business process.

These documents are critical for success, but they can be a pain to manage.  That’s why many companies turn to automation tools for document generation and document creation.

The Conga Suite is one option designed to help users streamline and automate many of these processes — but is it the best one?

In this article, we’ll discuss what Conga has to offer, along with 6 Conga alternatives that you should consider.

Ready?  Let’s do it.

What are the best Conga alternatives?

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at a few alternatives to Conga and see what they have to offer.  

It’s a crowded market, and there are a lot of options to choose from.  Here are our top picks to replace the Conga Suite.

01. PandaDoc

pandadoc doc signing app

Inherent bias aside, PandaDoc is easily one of the most robust competitors on our list.

Equipped with all the functionality you need to enhance your CLM and CPQ processes, PandaDoc is a user-friendly document solution that is built to scale with your business.

Unlike Conga Composer, which integrates with Salesforce and allows users to pull CRM data into premade templates, the PandaDoc document editor is a flexible tool that allows you to create fully editable documents from scratch — much like you would in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

PandaDoc users can also take advantage of our Salesforce integration, but it’s not required to use our platform to its maximum potential.

Coupled with other built-in tools like an onboard CRM, custom branding, approval workflows for teams, and 24/7 customer support, PandaDoc can help you collaborate with customers, build incredible documents, and close deals at lightning speed.

02. Icertis

icertis contract management

Like Conga, Icertis offers a program suite aimed and improving CLM processes through automation. From compliance to collaboration, Icertis has a use case and business application for every industry.

The company leverages AI to improve business operations, ensure compliance, improve intelligence around contracts, and much more. This approach has been extremely popular with major companies like 3M and Microsoft, where thousands of contracts need to be managed simultaneously.

If your company is operating at such a large scale, CLM is even more frustrating due to sheer volume. In those scenarios, the Icertis suite of AI-powered organizational tools may make it a top pick over Conga.

03. Nintex & (Nintex Drawloop) 

nintex login

Document generation and e-signatures are just a few things that you’ll see in this Conga alternative.

Nintex is billed as an end-to-end process management platform that helps companies automate, optimize, and manage existing processes. The Nintex document generation tool is an excellent Conga composer Alternative, allowing you to generate PDF files as part of your standard process workflow.

Because CLM and CPQ processes are part of the workflow, you’ll also end up with process automation tools to improve how you operate.  This includes a mobile app, an analytics platform, and even robotic process automation (RPA) tools.

04. Formstack Documents (formerly WebMerge)

formstack sign up

The Formstack product line has grown significantly in previous years and acquired WebMerge, a popular document management platform, along the way.

WebMerge, now Formstack Documents, helps users build forms, prepare documents, and improve productivity around document creation. This could include anything from an invoice to a proposal or contract. With Formstack, you can create HIPAA compliant documents, automate Microsoft Word document creation, and even use an API to import data from other applications.

Pricing options vary, depending on what you want to create (forms or documents), but these solutions may be excellent alternatives to Conga’s contract lifecycle management tools.

05. Docomotion

Much like other Conga tools and alternatives, Docomotion integrates with Salesforce to accelerate document generation.  Users can gather data from any field or object inside Salesforce, which adds a layer of complexity to the tool without overcomplicating the process.  

The company’s aim is to create as much streamlining as possible. Users can design templates with a visual editor, generate complex documents with a single click, and make last-minute changes on the fly.

On the whole, Docomotion isn’t as robust as Conga, but for small businesses who need something simple, it’s a more cost-effective saas solution.

06. DocuSignCLM

docusing clm

As part of the DocuSign product line, DocuSign CLM integrates seamlessly with DocuSign eSignature and DocuSign Agreement cloud.

The CLM platform allows you to be more efficient when tracking your contracts. This allows you to improve the customer experience and increase compliance by gaining a bird’s eye view of your contracting process.

Like many of Conga’s tools, DocuSign CLM relies heavily on Salesforce and allows users to pull information from Salesforce CRM in order to build contracts at speed.

For sales reps, this means that contract generation is a plug-and-play system where they simply fill in the required contract information and send it out. Customers can then sign the document or make changes and re-upload it to the DocuSign portal. Everything is tracked on the backend using the DocuSign CLM workflow.

Much like Conga’s contract management tools, DocuSign CLM tries to position itself in such a way that it can automate your send-and-sign workflow for better efficiency and ease of use by internal agents.

What is Conga?

conga product

Conga is a suite of digital software tools designed to help users improve their configure price quote (CPQ) to contract lifecycle management (CLM) processes.

Using tools like Conga Composer for document generation and editing, as well as tools like Conga Sign for electronic signatures or Conga CRM to assist with contract management, the company tries to be an all-in-one solution in a wide range of scenarios.

Conga Contracts

This tool is the centerpiece of Conga’s contract lifecycle management solution.  The software component allows users to accelerate the contracting process, analyze agreements, and better assess risk.

Conga Document Generation

Conga Composer, Conga’s most popular product, is heavily integrated with Salesforce.  This tool allows users to pull Salesforce data into contract templates for fast and easy creation. 

For sales reps who need to send proposals and focus on relationship management, Conga document generation makes contracting a one-and-done process.

Conga Grid

This salesforce management tool is built to help teams quickly gather data and insights that drive growth. 

Conga Grid works to display data in a way that is easy for teams to understand and digest so that agents can stay on top of every aspect of their sales process.

Conga Sign

No document is complete without an electronic signature.  Conga Sign helps agents close deals by offering a valid signing solution for every electronic document. 

Using this tool, agents can get commitments and signatures from stakeholders without ever needing to email a document.

Conga Orchestrate

For maximum efficiency and execution, your team needs a workflow. With Conga Orchestrate, you can configure a workflow inside Salesforce, then automate it for consistent and repeatable results. 

This allows teams to reduce errors caused by manual execution and enables each user to focus on the steps of the process that really matter.

What about Novatus Inc.?

As a company, Conga has rapidly expanded over the years. Former CPQ and CLM business services like Novatus and Apttus have been purchased and absorbed into the Conga lineup, narrowing the market for some users.

Go beyond Conga with PandaDoc

If you’re looking for a stable and consistent platform with the ability to deliver a powerful experience to both users and customers, PandaDoc can help.

PandaDoc powers over 40,000 businesses, from freelancers all the way to major corporations.  We offer competitive pricing options and can scale to match your needs.

Sign up now for a free 14-day trial or get in touch with one of our PandaDoc experts for a personalized demo.


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