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Users switching from AssureSign to PandaDoc can enjoy an e-signature solution, a document management platform, and an online document editor all in one place – all at a lower cost. Sign up for a free trial to see what you’ve been missing!

Unlimited users
Unlimited documents
Unlimited templates
Electronic signature capture
Reports and audit trails
Mobile app
Multiple signers
Document workflows
Custom variables
In-person signing
Bulk sending
Drag-and-drop fields
Document upload
Document Storage
Native integrations
Document generation
Import from Google Drive, Dropbox,
Box, and Microsoft OneDrive
Payment collection
Document collaboration
Rich Media integration
Template library
Dynamic pricing tables
Customizable product catalog
24/7 support

A better signing experience

Both AssureSign and PandaDoc help users gather electronic signatures for their documents and both platforms are UETA and ESIGN Act compliant. PandaDoc helps you simplify and secure your signing process, allowing you to designate where and how customers should sign. On top of that, it’s easy to modify your existing documents to our e-signature platform or create brand new documents with our document editor.

Online document creation made easy

With AssureSign, you’ll need to upload documents and use JotBlocks to format your document for electronic signature capture. PandaDoc offers similar tools for PDFs and non-editable document formats, but we help you build a better signature solution with the PandaDoc document editor. Using our online editor, you can create new documents on the fly within the PandaDoc platform. Because these documents are natively designed and built to your specifications, all relevant signatory fields are built by you as you create your document.

An all-in-one document management solution for small businesses

Between document creation tools, electronic signature software, and document management platforms, small businesses can end up using multiple pieces of software to manage their document pipeline. AssureSign doesn’t cover all of these steps, but PandaDoc does! PandaDoc users can import or design the documents needed to ensure a great customer experience, and then capture electronic signatures using those documents. PandaDoc will also store all documents (along with your brand kit and media files) inside the platform. Our all-in-one solution allows you to save money by leaving other document management and e-signature solutions behind.

CRM Integration with Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and more

Just like AssureSign, PandaDoc allows users to integrate with SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We also offer native integrations to most modern CRMs, including SalesforceHubSpotZoho, Xero, and others. Plus, we offer integrations through Zapier so that you can connect to over 1500 apps with just a few clicks.

A signing process for users on the go

Like AssureSign, PandaDoc users can enjoy access to their entire document archive on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device with our mobile app. Whether you need to manage your online documents, add a digital signature to a document requiring your attention, or track the analytics information around a particular document, you can do it all on the go with the PandaDoc app.

Go beyond electronic signatures with PandaDoc

More than just electronic signature software

While AssureSign is focused primarily on e-signature acquisition, PandaDoc takes your document experience to the next level by allowing you to design documents in-house. This means that we’re focused on the entire document process, not just the signing process. By consolidating every piece of your document management solution into one platform, you can create documents faster, capture digital signatures quickly, and safely store your quotes and proposals and other essential documents in one place.

Revisions Activity Multilang

Track teams and customers with audit trails and analytics

Want to know if your document is performing well? AssureSign allows you to generate reports and follow audit trails for your online documents. PandaDoc gives you the ability to do all that and more thanks to document analytics. Using PandaDoc, you’ll be able to gather essential information on your document as signers review your content.  See when a signer or stakeholder accesses your document, how long they spend reviewing a page, how many times they exit the document and return, and more. Plus, with team audits, you’ll be able to see when content is changed on a document and who made the change.

Analytics Page

Build incredible documents from scratch or with help from templates

AssureSign users can create a template from uploaded documents, but those original documents still need to be uploaded before templates can be created. While it’s possible to do this with PandaDoc, we also offer a template library with 400+ ready-to-go templates. Simply import the template into the PandaDoc online editor, make any changes using your brand kit or content library, and save the document as a template. Now your document is customized and ready for use by your sales department, human resources team, or quoting group the next time they need to create and send a document.


A better interface for users and signers

Along with providing an online editor for document creation, PandaDoc users also enjoy a collaborative environment where teams and customers can work together to finalize essential details before the signing process is complete. Using PandaDoc, your team can partner with stakeholders and decision makers to resolve outstanding issues on the fly so that signers feel comfortable moving to the next stage of the project quickly.


Sign documents and collect payment simultaneously

As an electronic signature software, AssureSign helps you sign and store your documents. PandaDoc does that, too, but we’ll also help you collect payment on the same document. Our integration technology allows users to connect a payment gateway directly to their contracts, quotes, and other online documents so that payment can be captured after the signing process is complete. This all-in-one solution is a great way to cut down on paperwork and gain a monetary commitment from signers who want to move a project forward.


Integrations with ease of use in mind

AssureSign gives you a limited number of native integrations and an open API so that you can build your own integration solutions. That’s great if you’ve got a developer on staff to help with that and you’re willing to commit the resources for it. While PandaDoc also offers API solutions, we also provide a number of native integrations so that you can connect immediately to the services you need to do your job. This includes native connections to popular CRMs, payment gateways, accounting software, storage platforms (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc.) and more.

Proposal Integrations

Support when you need it

AssureSign offers email on the entry-level plan and phone support on the middle and top tier plan, but you’ll still need to wait for someone to get in touch with you when you have a problem. With PandaDoc, there’s no waiting. We offer chat support so that we can help you get your signing experience back on track in no time.


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