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Swapping Conga for PandaDoc will give you powerful analytics, streamlined document customization, and secure electronic signatures.

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Conga Composer vs PandaDoc

Conga Composer
Export Docs as PDF
Merge Salesforce Data into Proposals
Automate Document Creation
Automatically Log Activities in Salesforce
Salesforce Integration
Encrypted Document Sending and Storage
Deliver Documents for Electronic Signature
Email and Phone Support
PCI DSS Level 1 Secure Payments
Embed Images and Videos in Documents
Document Analytics

Powerful analytics

PandaDoc analytics fuel sales leaders and reps by providing them with a wealth of data related to sales documents. The PandaDoc dashboard shows leaders where every document the sales team has created is within the funnel, allowing them to forecast more accurately than ever before. With detailed analytics, including when the document was opened, sales reps can see who viewed their document, and how long they spent on each page. These insights give the power of knowing exactly when to follow-up and what potential sticking points to address.

Streamlined document creation

Switching to PandaDoc from Conga Composer opens up a world of document customization that will take your sales performance to the next level. Like Conga, PandaDoc automatically populates documents with prospect, product, and opportunity data. It’s what happens next that makes PandaDoc a strong alternative to Conga Composer. You’ll be able to dive into your documents in a web-based, drag and drop document builder, adding custom text, themes, layouts, content, and media in a snap. This deeper level of customization helps PandaDoc users close deals at industry leading rates.

Secure electronic signatures

Your proposal tool should support the entire document lifecycle, not just document creation. PandaDoc helps you bring home the sale with built-in, unlimited electronic signatures that allow prospects to sign documents from any computer or mobile device.

Better templates

It’s hard to stand apart from competitors when your templates were built in Word or Adobe. The PandaDoc document builder makes it easy to create custom branded, highly configurable, frequently used templates for your proposals, contracts, and other documents with zero programming.

What you get when you switch to PandaDoc

Enterprise class security

We protect your documents and data with the same architecture trusted by the world’s largest enterprises. Data is stored on the industry leading Amazon AWS platform, with full database backups on a daily basis. You can even process payments right inside your documents with PCI DSS level 1 security.
Enterprise class security

Responsive support

Our support pandas are dedicated to making your journey with PandaDoc a successful one. You’ll find that our staff are among the most responsive in the industry, with access via email, phone, and chat. Our product team takes customer feedback seriously, and we’ve built a reputation for evolving the PandaDoc platform to meet our customers’ changing needs.
Responsive support

Sales and marketing alignment

PandaDoc goes beyond proposals and contracts by helping sales and marketing departments work better together. Marketing departments use PandaDoc to create custom libraries of sales and marketing content, including videos, product sheets, and graphic assets. The result is a custom content library that sales reps can use to take their documents to the next level.
Sales and marketing alignment

Online collaboration and approvals

Sometimes it takes a village to get a deal closed. PandaDoc makes it easy to work together thanks to a commenting system that allows private conversations between employees to exist right alongside public comments from prospects. The result is a collaborative experience that streamlines document creation, approvals, and negotiation.
Online collaboration and approvals

A massive integrations library

PandaDoc integrates with Salesforce seamlessly, but did you know that we offer more than two dozen integrations in total? When you switch from Conga Composer to PandaDoc you’ll be able to leverage your document platform inside your CRM, accounting software, cloud storage, and more.
A massive integrations library

Powerful CPQ features

Want to upgrade your quotes? PandaDoc includes a host of CPQ features that leverage Salesforce product catalogs to streamline product and service pricing. You can automatically populate product data and pricing and offer customers discounts, optional line items, and editable quantities.
Powerful CPQ features

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