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Users switching from Conga Composer to PandaDoc will enjoy robust document generation, automation, and e-signing tools both in and out of Salesforce.

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Salesforce-generate sales docs

Using Salesforce AppExchange, it’s possible to connect both Conga Composer and PandaDoc to Salesforce as a data source. This allows you to set custom objects, set up merge fields, and populate your documents using automatic syncing tools rather than through manual copying and pasting.

However, PandaDoc handles things a bit differently. Unlike Conga, PandaDoc is a document generation solution that functions independently from Salesforce.

While you can use the PandaDoc Salesforce integration to generate documents inside the Salesforce platform, you can also build your digital documents within the PandaDoc environment using Salesforce data! PandaDoc also integrates with over a dozen other CRM solutions and can be used independently to build error-free documents.

All-in-one docgen tools

The Conga family of products is exactly that: A family. In addition to Conga Composer, you might also need Conga Contracts, Conga Sign, Conga CPQ, and a handful of other Conga solutions in order to create a business process that can handle all document use cases.

With PandaDoc, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Our platform offers an all-in-one solution for document generation, e-signing, and more. Collaborate with teams and signers. Streamline your document workflow by ditching extra cost for e-signing tools from Conga Sign, payment tools via Conga Billing, or document batching through Conga Batch.

Get everything through a single platform, without additional subscription fees.

Queries, SOQL, and more

Just like Conga, PandaDoc can connect to using REST API tools for object mapping and automatic document generation. 

Conga document generation requires users to set Composer parameters using Conga Queries (handled through the Query Manager) which maps the SOQL statement to the Composer solution. Using these formats allow Composer to map and merge Salesforce data into your documents. (Some of this is handled through Conga Templates by using the Template Builder.)

However, while this can be done with PandaDoc, it may not be required. Using the PandaDoc Salesforce integration, PandaDoc users will be able to synchronize most Salesforce objects through token mapping. Once everything is mapped and formats are set, you’re ready to build stellar documents.

Why switch from Conga Composer to PandaDoc?

Enjoy better drag-and-drop tools

Go beyond simple documents with the PandaDoc editor. Our onboard, drag-and-drop content builder can help you build documents for every stage of your sales process. Create quotes, contracts, invoices, intake forms, and much more using a set of user-friendly and intuitive tools.


Build even better templates

Ready to streamline your workflow? Get started by creating documents from scratch, modifying templates from our robust template library, or uploading Microsoft Word documents to PandaDoc. Once you’ve added the finishing touches, save them as templates for easy reuse. Monitor template performance with document analytics, and use top-performing templates to maximize conversion.

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Powerful CPQ features

Upgrade your quotes using a host of CPQ features. Leverage your Salesforce product catalogs and embed different buying options. With PandaDoc as your Conga Composer substitution, you can automatically populate product data and pricing and offer customers discounts, optional line items, and editable quantities.

Document Content Library

Consolidate your tech stack

Eliminate extra tools from your tech stack and consolidate around the software that you use most often. PandaDoc entirely eliminates the need for standalone signing tools like DocuSign or Adobe Sign while offering integration with valuable apps like Slack and Google Workspace. Use integrations to connect your document generation to the tools that make the most sense for your team.


Make sales a team sport

When sales teams have the right collaboration tools, everyone wins. Give your team workspaces to collaborate, manage follow ups, answer customer FAQs, working within the same PandaDoc workspace. Negotiate with customers in virtual data rooms. Review contracts in real time from within the document editor. Make changes and close deals in record time by working all in one place.

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Around the clock support

Have a question? PandaDoc Support is available around the clock to lend a hand. Our live chat support is staffed by real people, and we’re happy to help out. Whether you need help uploading your PowerPoint file to the PandaDoc editor or you have questions about creating the perfect form, our team can point you in the right direction. Premium support options are also available for users who prefer phone support and/or dedicated account managers.

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