Hellosign alternatives: easily sign your dosuments on the go with these 8 apps

Hellosign alternatives: easily sign your dosuments on the go with these 8 apps

The way we do business nowadays has largely changed due to the pandemic, resulting in some negative changes, but quite a few of them are good, too.  

Most of the positive changes relate to work being done remotely, giving people the freedom to organize their time and tasks, while introducing more independence in their workday. 

With so much business done remotely, a large number of companies are looking at introducing a digital and electronic signature solution into their processes, hoping to fast-track closing new deals online and eliminate paper humdrum as much as possible.

Exploring e-signing options

Next to PandaDoc, HelloSign is one of the most trusted, web-based electronic signature tools on the market today.

Designed for companies of all sizes, HelloSign is currently part of the tech stack at many big digital brands, including Twitter and Lyft. HelloSign free trial is available for a try-out before users decide this is the best e-solution for them.

While this Dropbox-owned company has a plethora of merits, HelloSign does have some limitations, predominantly when it comes to integrations and freemium features. 

What’s a freemium feature? It is a free e-signature plan that doesn’t require a credit card for a pretty decent set of features you can use.

If you’re looking for HelloSign alternatives, we list eight options to explore, along with some insights on each.

HelloSign alternatives

  1. PandaDoc
  2. SignNow
  3. GetAccept
  4. SignEasy
  5. DocuSign
  6. EverSign
  7. SignRequest
  8. Adobe Sign

Where we got our data

We sourced the data from more than 20 different websites. The primary focus of this data analysis was to identify the most relevant, objective publications unaffected by the market.

We split the sources into four groups based on the number of visits used as an indicator of relevance and mainstream presence. 

The groups were as follows:

  • >200.000 visits;
  • 120.000 – 200.000 visits;
  • 80.000 – 120.000 visits;
  • <80.000 visits

The publications listed in the first category were considered more reliable and objective than the last category. The last group publications required a fact-checking process to guarantee only the most objective and accurate information is included in the analysis.

Here are some examples of relevant sources:

We only used the websites of the mentioned tools to confirm information relating to the apps themselves – their impressions or promotional claims weren’t considered.

What are our criteria for evaluating these tools?

For each of these apps, we made sure to consider some of the following aspects:

  • Ease of use: No matter how great its features, unless smooth, precise, and easy to use, not many customers will pick it up for use. In that sense, we closely tested our list’s tools on beginners and experienced users to get an average score.
  • Integrations: In the 2021 business world, an app or a software solution means very little unless integrated with other popular business software. A modern user requires the integration of their favorite tools to work effortlessly and, in analyzing the tools on our list, we made sure we considered this aspect. Other than that, we inspected how smoothly these integrations work if they exist in the first place. 
  • Customer support: Whether something went wrong or a user simply has a question for tech support, it’s essential for software to feature several support channels available to users at all times. Preferably, 24/7 support is what every software should offer to the user. If that’s not possible, live chat with limited hours, email, contact phone, and a FAQ sheet are good options, too.
  • Pricing: Finding that perfect balance between functionality and affordability can be a challenge, which is why we included pricing details with our analysis and compared what you get in each plan.

And more.

E-signatures and digital signatures: Are they the same thing?

Although equally crucial to the process, E-signatures and digital signatures are two very different things.

An electronic signature is the signer’s actual signature; a digital signature guarantees that the document itself and the crucial details therein will be safe.

Electronic signatures provide faster turnarounds on administrative tasks, reduce costs, boost workflow efficiency, save time, and authenticate documents while preserving the security of every signing process. 

Digital signatures are cryptographic mechanisms used to implement electronic signatures. To confirm the validity of an electronic signature, a digital signature can capture the time, date, IP address, and other crucial details.

It will also record all document-related data, including any changes that may have been made after the document was signed. Digital signatures are irreversible and can’t be modified in any way.

The best alternatives to HelloSign

Let’s get to our analysis and check out some of the best alternatives to HelloSign API!

01. PandaDoc

HelloSign alternatives: PandaDoc

Rating per G2: 4.7/5

Cost: Starts at $19/ month per user

Ease of Use: 4.6/5

Support options: Live 24/7 chat, contact sheet, phone number 

Free trial: Yes. /Free eSign

As the two are currently at the top of electronic signatures solutions, PandaDoc vs HelloSign springs up as the most common comparison. 

Used by more than 27,000 companies all over the globe, PandaDoc has been one of the most popular digital signature apps on the market for years now.

This HelloSign alternative allows you to create, send and track documents according to your own unique workflows.

Thanks to a large variety of documents that you can create, PandaDoc is at home with marketing, sales, customer support, and revenue teams.

And thanks to a long list of valuable integrations with CRMs and other apps, you’ll easily fit it into your existing workflows.

But what makes PandaDoc stand out among other solutions of a similar type?

PandaDoc is cloud-based document management software with an intuitive UI helping users create contracts, proposals, human resources documents, quotes, and so much more.

Basically, PandaDoc gives you the tools to do virtually anything. Whether it be to create a custom proposal, edit one of their ready-made templates, or track the overall progress of your proposals, you are covered. 

What’s excellent about this tool is that PandaDoc follows your needs to the letter. This means, once you sign up with Panda, you get to custom-tailor your account to fit your business goals and needs.

Once that’s done – the Panda fun begins!

Choose among dozens of templates sorted across virtually all business categories – from marketing to HR, it’s all there.

PandaDoc offers ready-made templates, too, all of which can be customized and stored in a content library for you to use in the future for greater brand consistency. 

Then, create proposals in minutes through Panda’s drag-and-drop features, and add e-signature features to streamline the approval process.

Track the status of your documents and get notified through Panda’s real-time alerts whenever a document is being accessed or signed to establish a quality relationship with your clients and grow a streamlined business. 

If you are wondering about third-party integrations, do you really think we, at PandaDoc, would oversee something like that? Absolutely not – we know you need a diverse set of options.

Anyway, the integrations Panda offers include:

If you prefer Zapier integrations, we’ve covered that part, too. You can connect applications such as:

With this alternative to HelloSign, you also get a PandaDoc API, allowing you to collect and store signatures securely while adapting your own proposal documents from within your application.

But that’s not all – there’s the option to embed the PandaDoc API to your site (and other apps) to collect signed PDFs and signatures securely. 

If you are not sure whether PandaDoc is for you, we are happy to tell you that Panda covers multiple types of businesses that include, but are not limited to:

  • Consulting firms
  • Software developers
  • Law firms
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Creative studios
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Financial institutions

And others. 

From where we are coming from, that Panda is at the top of user search comes as no surprise – we continually work on our product, listen to our users, and update accordingly.

Yes, PandaDoc is our solution, and while we may be a bit subjective in reviewing it, we are confident this is the best e-signature tool you can opt for.

What makes it different from HelloSign?

In the HelloSign vs PandaDoc comparison, it’s clear that, unlike HelloSign, PandaDoc goes one step further to offer the full package: besides electronic signatures, you also get access to quotes, proposals, contracts, and forms.

Whether you need internal documents or external-facing materials, PandaDoc has it all in one platform.

Also, while HelloSign offers no analytics on document tracking, PandaDoc includes this feature. There are also 15 CRM integrations with Panda, while HelloSign features just 2. 

In addition, PandaDoc offers online collaboration and custom workflows, CPQ features, a drag and drop document builder, and a content library. Unfortunately for HelloSign users, the tool doesn’t have these features at this time.

Start your 14-day free trial of PandaDoc and see the difference for yourself!

02. SignNow

HelloSign alternatives: SignNow

Rating per G2: 4.6/5

Cost: Starts at $8/user/month

Ease of use: 4/5

Support options: Help center, live support chat, email

Free trial: Only for the Business Premium plan

Formerly known as CudaSign, this SaaS application lets you easily create documents in the cloud, create automated workflows, and get paid by your clients.

The e-signature feature comes with different roles and you’ll get notifications as soon as the recipient signs the document you sent them.

Integrations with a wide variety of apps (including Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and many others) allow you to easily connect your documents with the rest of your business apps.

On top of that, SignNow allows you to add and embed signature fields in existing PDFs and other document types, as well as add templates, conditional fields, formula fields, and much more.

What makes it different from HelloSign?

Quite a few things actually. You can send the documents in SignNow for free, while HelloSign requires a paid plan for that.

Also, unlike Hellosign, it comes with template fields, conditional fields, formula fields, and other types of embeddable content. 

Perhaps the biggest difference is in the PDF aspect of the app. SignNow allows for PDF editing, annotations, editor comments, and highlighting.

Moreover, it supports no-code bots, which are not present in HelloSign.

Also, SignNow has been getting traction for its first-rate customer service department. In addition, its paid plans are less expensive than HelloSign, making this tool a good choice for contractors or small businesses on a budget.

03. GetAccept

HelloSign alternatives: GetAccept

Rating per G2: 4.5/5

Cost: Starts at $15/month/user

Ease of use: 4.3/5

Support options: Live chat, phone number, contact sheet, FAQ, training, email

Free trial: Yes.

GetAccept is an all-in-one solution for electronic signature, proposal creation, contract management, sales collateral management, document tracking, and prospecting.

The tool allows you to create engaging company presentations, case studies, video demos, and other materials. 

For example, GetAccept lets you send selfie videos, SMS and communicate with the prospect via live chat, which beats the traditional (a bit dull and repetitive) email follow-ups. The tool has numerous integrations.

The tool also gives you a solid analytics dashboard, aiding you in analyzing both your proposals and your sales team as well.

You can view your reps’ profiles, evaluate their hit rate, average deal time, and the overall money earned. GetAccept allows you to track the progress of all your active sales, too.

While a fun and fresh solution, GetAccept doesn’t deeply specialize in proposal creation as some other tools on the list.

For example, you don’t get approval workflows or interactive pricing tables, for starters. Still, it’s a great tool that salespeople may have the most benefit of.

What makes it different from HelloSign?

Unlike HelloSign, GetAccept offers selfie and SMS communication which is, admittedly, a pretty fresh, user-friendly option.

It also offers document analytics, document management, and real-time chat, as well as the deal accelerator. With GetAccept, there is a video introduction too that the users can get the most of. The tool supports more devices than HelloSign, too.

In terms of the quality of the ongoing product support, GetAccept and HelloSign provide similar levels of assistance. However, the reviewers preferred the direction of GetAccept over HelloSign for feature updates and roadmaps.

04. SignEasy

HelloSign alternatives: SignEasy

Rating per G2: 4.7/5

Cost: Starts at $8.00/per month

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Support options: Live chat, phone numbers, email

Free trial: Yes.

A SaaS-based mobile-first solution, SignEasy is helping clients electronically sign and fill documents from the web, smartphones, and tablets.

Clients use SignEasy to reduce business turnaround times, cut costs, close deals faster, and improve customer experience. As a paperless solution, SignEasy is great because it eliminates the cycle of printing, scanning, and faxing paperwork while reducing the environmental impact. 

SignEasy features numerous integrates with many popular productivity and business applications like G Suite, Dropbox, Box, and Office 365. It integrates with leading email providers like Outlook and Gmail, too. 

SignEasy’s app for iOS and Android regularly ranks among the top 100 grossing business apps on the App Store and is prominent in user satisfaction.

What makes it different from HelloSign?

As per user reviews, SignEasy is easier to set up than HelloSign. It’s also easier for conducting business, so you can close deals faster and reduce document turnaround times.

The tool, too, covers more industries than HelloSign, with people across industries such as human resources, accounting, real estate, legal, sales, insurance, logistics, and healthcare turning to this mobile-first solution.

05. DocuSign

HelloSign alternatives: DocuSign

Rating per G2: 4.5/5

Cost: Starts at $10.00/per month

Ease of use: 4.6/5

Support options: Live chat, office addresses with phone numbers, Q&A, contact sheet, email (Extra charges applicable for phone, email support)

Free trial: Yes.

DocuSign is an e-signature software that makes it easy for companies to capture and store signed contracts, streamlining operations in all departments.

It syncs with numerous popular enterprise tools, such as Google Docs and Microsoft Suite, and can be integrated with SharePoint, Salesforce, etc. Its templates are reusable, which is a fantastic cost-saving option.

This HelloSign alternative lets you e-sign your documents from any location using any of your smart devices. Not only on iOS and Android but Windows 8 devices as well.

DocuSign is the only solution provider of a comprehensive agreement cloud. It helps organizations connect and automate the way they prepare, sign, and manage their agreement process. 

DocuSign’s flagship tool in DocuSign eSignature, having hundreds of millions of users in countries worldwide, relies on it to accelerate their business processes.

What makes it different from HelloSign?

Platform-wise, DocuSign is similar to HelloSign, but DocuSign has a more user-friendly interface that’s easier to navigate. In addition, DocuSign’s individual plan is cheaper, rounding at $3 less at $10 per month.

06. EverSign

HelloSign alternatives: Eversign

Rating per G2: 4.8/5

Cost: Starts at $9.99/per month

Ease of use: 4.7/5

Support options: Live chat, FAQ, contact sheet

Free trial: Freemium

EverSign is a paperless, affordable solution helping both small and large businesses make the digital leap. 

This is a highly secure, functional, legally binding, and well-monitored e-Signature platform designed for individuals and SMBs. At the same time, EverSign brings flexible workflows and increased time efficiency for larger companies. 

Your EverSign experience doesn’t stop with eSignatures. This solution gives you all the tools you need to securely manage your documents in the cloud, manage business contacts, keep your team in the loop, and automate your work with a fully-fledged REST API.

EverSign gives you the option to store completed documents on its encrypted cloud infrastructure, export them to a private location, schedule them to auto-expire or delete them permanently from the EverSign systems.

The eSignatures made by EverSign meet the United States and Europe’s strict security requirements, making your documents and NDAs legally binding and enforceable in a court of law.

EverSign seamlessly integrates with popular online applications like Google Docs, Dropbox, Zoho, Salesforce, and others, making your day-to-day workflow more effortless. 

What makes it different from HelloSign?

Reviewers say that compared to HelloSign, EverSign is easier to do business with and is better at meeting requirements. 

Also, EverSign features document management and forms management as one of its star features, which, for now, can’t be found with HelloSign.

07. SignRequest

HelloSign alternatives: SignRequest

Rating per G2: 4.6/5

Cost: Starts at $0/per month

Ease of use: 4.6/5

Support options: Live chat, contact sheet, video tutorials, FAQ, email, phone numbers, How it works section

Free trial: Yes

SignRequest is an e-signature software that lets you sign documents and complete other processes online, helping you stay efficient and eliminate the time-consuming and archaic print, sign, and scan process.

As a company that’s very vocal about the importance of going paperless and saving the planet, SignRequest says that, together with their customers, “we’ve saved more than 4500 trees since last year”.

The company is committed to “eliminating deforestation from our supply chains and plant one tree for each new paying license.”

Nurturing the sustainable vision, SignRequest’s attitude differs from other solutions.

They don’t see using electronic signature software as an expensive ‘high-end product, but a ‘commodity’ accessible for everyone, which very well explains their prices that start with $0/per month and go to € 7/per month for their Professional plan and € 12/per month for their business plan. The enterprise plan is upon request. 

Easy and intuitive, SignRequest allows users to make templates, so they don’t have to recreate fields that require signing every single time.

The built-in notifications show if the recipient opened the email or hasn’t seen it, helping clients keep track of people to follow up with. With a “resend” button, clients can just press to resent the document again without having to recreate it.

SignRequest also enables adding multiple people on a document to sign, including different parties in the process quickly.

Documents signed through SignRequest are legally binding and maintain the highest standards of security. Using SignRequest, you can integrate with your website or CRM system. There is an API solution accessible with the Business account. 

SignRequest features a Google Docs Add-on, too, storing everything in your Google Drive. 

What makes it different from HelloSign?

Being one of the best free alternatives to HelloSign (at least in its starting package), SignRequest provides similar levels of assistance to HelloSign, with users almost equally comfortable with both solutions. 

However, the reviewers preferred the direction of SignRequest over HelloSign for feature updates and roadmaps.

The primary difference between the two solutions is probably the “resend” button built into the SignRequest, allowing clients to send multiple, same-content documents to different recipients (when needed). The company’s prices and dedication to nature preservation stand out as differences, too.

08. Adobe Sign

HelloSign alternatives: Adobe Sign

Rating per G2: 4.3/5

Cost: Starts at $14.99/per month

Ease of use: 4.6/5

Support options: Email, phone, ticket, chat 24/7 (Live rep), FAQs/forum, knowledge base, webinars, videos

Free trial: Yes. 

Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) is part of the Adobe family of apps and the Adobe Document Cloud. No surprise, it is well aligned with most other business-related apps.

Adobe Sign uses a cloud-based system for signatures and document management. Being a digital signature software, it offers a web-based platform and mobile apps allowing users to scan, sign, and send various documents from anywhere.

It offers turnkey integrations for a wide range of industry-leading deployment methodologies and business systems, smoothly plugging into existing software and processes.

Users have access to Adobe Sign’s Shared Document Library, giving them space to store and share regularly used documents and form field templates with custom permissions.

Although Adobe Sign doesn’t officially target large businesses and enterprises, it’s shown to be an excellent solution for these establishments. Adobe Sign integrates well with Microsoft, Salesforce, and other software solutions. 

On higher plans, the company offers a range of signature workflows and advanced support options. 

What makes it different from HelloSign?

Adobe Sign’s unique features range from a configurable workflow and third-party integrations to standout collaboration tools.

Adobe Sign also allows users to create signable web forms that can be embedded on their website, accepting multiple signers and giving them easy access to documents for signature. 

The mentioned features are where HelloSign and Adobe Sign predominantly differ.

Is HelloSign enough for your needs?

HelloSign is an excellent tool in so many ways, but luckily for those who want more out of their e-signatures, it is not the only one on the market. 

If you are looking for a standard e-signature software to upgrade your business, speed up internal processes, and elevate client communications, any of the tools on this list can help. 

For an even better experience, consider tools that allow integrations and additional features you need, like audit trails or multi-sign capability – those you can get with PandaDoc – and we also have a 14-day free trial

Whatever tool you choose, the time you’ll save will be notable, the processes will get better, and you’ll contribute to saving the planet by going paperless.

Good luck choosing!

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