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DocuSign SpringCMPandaDoc
Document repository
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Document generation
Custom templates
Merge data
Automated approvals
Document tracking
SSAE 16 and SOC 2 compliant
Content and clause library
Content locking
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Interactive pricing tables
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More flexibility

Both PandaDoc and SpringCM have excellent enterprise content management and contract generation capabilities. Each tool includes unlimited templates and other features like a content library and content locking. PandaDoc takes these one step further, offering greater flexibility when it comes to creative contract design and interactive features. You can upload and import your existing documents, making your whole business process more efficient to build and execute.

Save on fees

PandaDoc electronic signature software helps you to save time and money, making the collection and tracking of signatures across your entire document process incredibly simple. While SpringCM also supports eSignature software apps, you will be charged an additional fee to use them, meaning PandaDoc costs half the price for comparable features.

Get started faster

Your business can be up and running with PandaDoc document management software in just a few days. We also offer comprehensive onboarding training packages for your team to get on their way as fast as possible. Looking to onboard yourself? We offer 24/7 customer support and a robust Help Center to each customer.

Easier contract approval

With PandaDoc and SpringCM, users have the option to set up automated contract approval workflows. What sets PandaDoc apart is the ability to assign approval privileges to a particular group. This allows anyone in the group to approve, rather than a single person, a feature that isn’t offered with SpringCM. These approval workflows are quickly set at the template level so they can be applied to any document you send.

Creative document management solutions

PandaDoc is designed with convenience in mind. Access your documents at any time, regardless of the stage they are in. All changes are auto-saved, so if an edit is needed mid-way through drafting the contract, you can happily drop make a quick change and pick up right where you left off. With SpringCM, documents must be completed in one sitting, otherwise, you’ll lose all your work.

What are the other benefits of switching from SpringCM?

Built-in eSignatures

With PandaDoc, you’ll get built-in eSignatures included in all of our pricing plans. These electronic signatures can be used on any of your agreements, proposals, contracts, or any other documents you send. SpringCM users must use a separate eSignature software tool, making it more expensive as there is an extra cost involved in your final purchase.


Powerful CRM integrations

PandaDoc subscribers have access to 15 of the top CRMs (including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, etc.). Across each available integration, subscribers can generate documents, as well as merge contract and deal data right into documents. 2-way syncing is also supported for easy updates to document and deal statuses. A Zapier integration is supported too, allowing straightforward, fast connectivity to all of your apps. In contrast, SpringCM customers can only use the Salesforce integration, limiting their usage of other CRM platforms.

Proposal Integrations

Seamless payments

Receiving payments is easy with PandaDoc. Our Stripe integration is available with all plans, so your recipients can pay as soon as they sign. This easy-to-use workflow makes closing deals more convenient, for both you and customers.


Versatile tool

SpringCM is a specialized platform, best suited for contracts and other legally-binding agreements. With PandaDoc, users can quickly and easily create, customize, and send any document type, making it a truly all-in-one solution for all your business document needs.


Eye-catching quotes and proposals

Take your quotes and proposals to the next level with our innovative document design features. PandaDoc supports interactive quotes and proposals, allowing users to add videos and other rich media elements to make your documents stand out to make a powerful first impression.

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Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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