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Users switching from eSignly to PandaDoc will enjoy an e-signature solution that goes beyond simple signing fields. Create documents from scratch, collect payments, and integrate with powerful CRM and sales tools when switching to PandaDoc.

Unlimited sign requests
Unlimited document uploads
Branding tools
Team management
In-person signing
Bulk send
Flexible workflows
Audit trails
Approval workflows
Bank-level security
ESIGN act compliant
HIPAA compliant
Always-on support
Real-time trackingLimited
Unlimited templatesLimited
Payment gateway
Drag-and-drop editor
Document analytics
Content library
Mobile app

Collect digital signatures fast

Like eSignly, PandaDoc works with you to make it simple for your team to capture legally-binding electronic signatures. When you’re preparing digital documents, we can help you make it easy for signers to provide signatures and approve the documents in a safe and secure way.

Avoid upload hassles

With eSignly, you can integrate with popular storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. With PandaDoc, you can do the same thing. These native integrations make it easy to connect your electronic signature solution with the ability to sign documents.

Streamline your document workflow

Many small businesses are looking for a solution that helps them streamline their business processes. Both eSignly and PandaDoc help you with this by allowing for easy uploading and document preparation. PandaDoc goes a step further by offering built-in contract management and an onboard CRM, making it even easier to manage your documents from start to finish.

Signature fields in your PDF documents

With eSignly, you can place signature fields in your PDF documents for easy signing and approval. PandaDoc helps you do this and so much more. Easily add checkboxes, date fields, initial fields, and more to locked file types like PDFs.

Support anywhere, anytime

Both eSignly and PandaDoc agree that support is critical to your success. That’s why we have staff members on hand around the clock to help you with any unforeseen issues. PandaDoc offers live chat and email support, just like eSignly, so that you can get your questions answered quickly.

More than just a signature tool

An all-in-one small business solution

PandaDoc is more than just an electronic signature solution. While eSignly compares well with other platforms, like SignNow, SignRequest, and RightSignature, PandaDoc goes above and beyond all three! Our platform is an all-in-one document solution for e-signing, document creation, and contract management. While we can help you with document signing, you get much more than that when you sign up with us. In fact, if that’s all you need, you can do that for free by signing up for our Free eSign Plan!

Document Signature Services

Create important documents from scratch

PandaDoc isn’t just about acting as a signature platform for your PDF files. We want to help you manage your workflow from start to finish. Our robust document editor allows you to create documents from scratch. You can upload existing documents if you have them, but you can use our document editor to create quotes, contracts, invoices, proposals, and more in minutes.

Catalog Item

Build-in contract management

For many small businesses, PandaDoc acts as an end-to-end solution for contract management. Our focus on state-of-the-art security and data safety is one reason that many leading brands trust us to send and store their documents. PandaDoc comes equipped with an onboard CRM and unlimited storage, so you know that your documents are safe when you store them with us.

Search Documents

Go beyond basic integrations

Many e-signature software solutions only offer basic integration options for document importing. If you’re switching from eSignly, they’re a great example of this. Other tools, like HelloSign or Adobe Sign, can connect you to higher-end CRM tools likes Salesforce and HubSpot. PandaDoc does all that and more. Our unique integrations allow you to connect PandaDoc to your entire integration workflow. Our tool will handle document creation, preparation, and signing, and you can keep working with the apps you need in order to get business done.

Proposal Integrations

Build better business processes

Many companies use multiple software tools to get the job done. They create a document in Microsoft Word, upload it to a cloud solution for feedback and review, connect it with an e-signature platform for signing, and then juggle between the three when changes need to be made. It’s a hassle. With PandaDoc, you can eliminate all of that excess and work in a single document. Our document editor helps you create editable documents that can be modified on the fly. That way, when your client pushes back during negotiations, you can make a quick change, trigger an approval process, and close your deal.

Workflow Approval

Better analytics for your whole team

Have you ever wanted to know what’s happening on the other side of your client negotiations? With PandaDoc, you can find out. Our document analytics will help you know exactly where you stand with clients. You’ll be able to see who viewed your documents, how long they spent reviewing your content, how often they returned to it, and more. Use these insights to create new engagement, solve problem areas, and create successful campaigns in the future.

Contract Analytics

Go mobile

It’s important that your documents stay accessible while you’re on the go. That’s one reason that PandaDoc maintains a mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad. These tools allow you to access your PandaDoc account from anywhere. You can also sign documents, review and approve changes, and more. Keep all of your documents within arm’s reach with PandaDoc.

Mobile - App

Collect payments upon signing

One of the biggest problems when sending documents is one that most e-signature platforms fail to address. When your customer signs off on a quote or a contract, how do they pay? Rather than sending them to a separate payment gateway or sending additional paperwork, PandaDoc helps you get paid at the time of signature. This is a great solution for small businesses that need to be paid upfront before work can begin. It’s also great when sending invoices. All your customer needs to do is use your built-in payment integration to send money your way.


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