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PowerPoint, Keynote
CRM used

The Problem

TapInfluence prides itself on helping brands create an authentic relationship with their targeted audience. So when they realized their proposal process wasn’t making that 1-to-1 connection with their prospect, they knew they had to make a change.

To send marketing collateral or a proposal for review was a jumbled mess. The processes consisted of a chaotic workflow full of PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, off-brand Keynote and Powerpoint presentations, and other disorganized tools.

Because of the number of tools needed, it often meant that the TapInfluence sales team spent less time selling. The existing process unnecessarily dragged out their sales cycle and made it impractical to collect signatures when they needed them.

This old workflow also was impossible to track. Often leaving the team and the Head of Sales in the dark on the status of where current opportunities were in the pipeline.

The Solution

Jon Piron, Head of Sales at TapInfluence, was hesitant to onboard a new solution since he was already inundated with numerous daily responsibilities. But after the suggestion of a friend and co-worker, he launched his research into filling in the gaps in their document workflow.

“As our hiring manager, I was initially skeptical about on-boarding PandaDoc. That said, I will never manage proposals, demo decks, NDAs, contracts, or collateral any other way going forward.” –Jon Piron, Head of Sales

A believer in the Challenger Sales Model, Jon’s team utilizes templates to build and design beautiful, hyper-relevant proposals for their prospects. With their personalized content library, a rep can drag and drop tailored content blocks like case studies, data, images, and video and present it in a logical order specifically for that customer.

The TapInfluence team also uses the PandaDoc Salesforce integration, saving them a ton of time and significantly sped up their sales cycle. Tokens allow a rep to seamlessly merge prospect details into their proposals and contracts, eliminating the need to copy-paste and reducing errors.

In the realm of reducing their sales cycle, TapInfluence utilizes the built-in legally-binding eSignatures which not only grants a rep to assign a specific signing order to the document but also allows them to better anticipate when they will receive a signature on the doc.

The Results

With clients now receiving customized proposals, TapInfluence has seen a dramatic increase in their close rate. In fact, they’ve seen an increase of 57% when compared with their incumbent process.

“PandaDoc helps us present our message in a beautifully designed UI, tailored specifically to our clients’ and prospects’ needs, with the flexibility to change data live, so we can update our clients when more recent performance data becomes available. PandaDoc has literally brought our sales team into the 21st century,” said Piron.

By taking advantage of the many sales enablement features in PandaDoc, including the PandaDoc Salesforce integration, the TapInfluence sales team not only reduced the length of their sales cycle but also cut the time spent on creating, sending and signing docs. Each of Jon’s reps saves about 15 hours per week on this non-selling activity.

TapInfluence can breathe a huge sigh of relief and are much happier with their new proposal and contract workflow. Jon is especially thrilled with the flexibility of PandaDoc. By implementing PandaDoc, Jon has empowered his team to create beautiful content and control every aspect of sharing essential sales collateral.

“The results speak for themselves. Our last quarter’s sales rivaled the previous FOUR quarters combined. PandaDoc was instrumental in enabling us to do so much more.”