Animation Studio Quote Template by Start A Studio

Save time by creating formal quotes using this concise, attractive animation studio production quote template made by Start A Studio. Don’t let vague or bland-looking proposal docs stand in the way of closing a deal.

What are animation studio quote templates used for?

This template is used to convey the brand value of your studio or creative agency to the client. It’s the ultimate first impression and provides a preview of what working with your studio will be like.‌

Start A Studio covered every aspect you could possibly need with this quote template. It doesn’t just total; it offers itemization in each section of the doc. It allows you to break down all costs of individual elements of the project with detailed descriptions. 

For production companies, the likely first elements you’ll include will be in preproduction: scriptwriting,  creative planning,  and storyboarding. Start A Studio broke it down even further. It shows, for example, what the cost for storyboarding might cover: hand-drawn or digital storyboards, with review. 

Your clients will be pleased to see exactly how their dollars will be spent. This template is a straight shooter that can help your brand evoke your experience and inspire confidence in your capabilities. The template covers it all, and you can fully customize it and plug in sample animations. 

Can a client accept a quote using eSignature?

There is no need to spend time on paperwork when you’re producing quality content. PandaDoc allows your business to create standardized forms for quotes, contracts, invoices, and more. 

From the moment you first engage with a client, their perception of your brand starts to form. Little things like being able to eSign a document add up, and they impact the overall customer experience. Once a client accepts your quote, use PandaDoc to create an eSignature contract/sales agreement that complements the quote.

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