Basic Offer Proposal Template by Onlinevanstart

This basic offer proposal template lets you put together a beautiful, professional-looking proposal in a flash. Using a basic offer proposal template creates a look of brand cohesion across your multiple clients and projects while giving you the flexibility you need to offer varied services and packages.

What is a basic offer proposal template used for? 

A basic offer proposal template is used to reach out to prospective clients, showcase your services, and provide proof of the quality of your past work without costing your brand time. 

Onlinevanstart’s basic offer proposal template opens with a vibrant image, followed by a direct letter to your prospective client where you can outline the services you’re about to talk about and explain why you’re reaching out to them with a proposal. 

The template then transitions into a section where you can talk about your brand and the people who will be working on their project. Next, there’s space for client testimonials, specific information about your services, statistics related to your industry, and, finally, a comprehensive pricing quote. 

Using a template like this one allows your company to spend less time drafting proposals, but it still has enough flexibility that you can offer different services or packages depending on the client you’re working with. And because these templates can be updated in real time from any location, you can make adjustments based on client feedback and improve your time to close on new deals. 

Can your basic offer proposals include eSignatures? 

When you draft a proposal for a prospective client, the goal is for them to accept the proposal and begin working with your team as soon as possible. Integrating your basic offer proposal template with PandaDoc’s eSignature tool allows you and your clients to sign the document from any device in any location. You can even collect payments and client information, all in one safe, secure spot. 

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