Client Agreement Template by Learnerbly

‌Make it easy to finalize client purchases by using this thorough, beautiful client agreement template from Learnerbly. Build your customer base and collect legal documentation with a single form. ‌

What is a client agreement template?

Learnerbly understands how complicated it can be to keep track of a quickly growing client base. That’s why they’ve built this elegant and thorough client agreement template to manage the process more efficiently.

The client agreement template is a thorough, prebuilt template designed to confirm a client’s agreement to purchase and to your terms and conditions. It’s built to cover important information and collect the client’s signature to finalize a sale or contract.

Learnerbly’s client agreement template simplifies the process of finalizing contracts when you have many customers. You can save time and effort by using the template to standardize elements like your terms and conditions, onboarding processes, and renewal policies. 

There’s no need to build the document from the ground up. All you need to do is fill in the relevant details about the client and the services they want, which means your team can focus on the things that require a human touch.

What is a client agreement template used for?

The client agreement template is used to communicate important information about your goods or services to your clients. More importantly, you can use this template to confirm that your clients understand and agree to the transaction. 

The first page of Learnerbly’s template includes an overview of contract pricing and the notice of terms and conditions. The following pages contain more detailed information, including the contract period and details about renewals and onboarding. 

You can use this template to ensure that your clients have all the essential information they need before they finalize the contract. The template can also act as a contract because it collects signatures from everyone involved. Best of all, it’s easy to populate the form with relevant details so you can generate new contracts in minutes.

This short turnaround time lets you bring in new clients more quickly. Your client-facing team gets to focus on the things that matter, like building relationships and helping clients find the right solution to their problems.

Can you use eSignature on your client agreement?

Learnerbly has integrated PandaDoc’s eSignature software directly into its client agreement template. This allows you to collect secure electronic signatures from your clients without the delays involved when sending and receiving paper forms. 

Because PandaDoc’s eSignature software stores documents in the cloud, your clients can sign the agreement form wherever they are, whenever they see it. As soon as they sign, you’ll be notified that the agreement is official. This immediate notification lets you start their service right away and shift your focus to the next lead.  

Learnerbly’s client agreement template is a blend of form and function that makes confirming client agreements simple. The use of eSignature fields means the template is the perfect choice for quickly growing companies that need a standardized form. 

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