Digital Transformation Statement of Work Template by Rareloop

This template outlines the way a business can help clients adopt new digital technology while avoiding confusion about the scope of a project, services contracted, and expected deliverable dates.

Why should you use a digital transformation statement of work template?

Using a template helps you capture the most critical elements of a project. It helps project leaders come up with the overall project structure and fill in pertinent details. The template provides clarity for both yourself and the client on the deliverables expected from each party.

Having a clear understanding of the work to perform on both sides keeps everyone on track. As a result, you can avoid getting far down the road of a project before realizing something is missing that could either shortchange the client or keep you from moving forward with your work. 

Adopting a new digital platform into a work environment can bring about a lot of challenges. Rareloop’s digital transformation statement of work document provides transparency about the work expected, so there are no surprises down the line. With a sleek, easy-to-read document like this, you can easily organize the tasks expected of each team member, supporting documentation expected from the client, and the allotment of resources. 

In addition, you have a way of outlining the time and effort required to complete different aspects of a project. Complete your digital transformation statement of work alongside requirements gathering efforts to ensure you have everything in place before starting the project. 

Can PandaDoc’s eSignature solution support your efforts?

The PandaDoc eSignature software helps you streamline the tracking of signoffs needed for different elements of a digital transformation project. With PandaDoc, you can create templates for all the documents required for the project and automatically track when each of them is signed and returned.

Users can send and receive project documents from anywhere using any device. There’s no need to keep up with a costly paper trail that can bog down your project. PandaDoc makes it easy to keep up with all documentation tied to your digital transformation efforts for a client.

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