General Proposal Template by Embrace

Normally, drafting a proposal for a new client is a time-consuming process. But with Embrace’s General Proposal template, you can cut down the time it takes to create a client proposal and reduce your administrative tasks, leaving you more time to do the work you love.

What is a General Proposal template? 

A General Proposal template is a pre-formatted document multiple types of brands can use to craft high-quality, professional-looking proposals with a few simple mouse clicks. Easy drag-and-drop technology allows you to update this type of template to best represent your brand without needing a degree in web design. 

In a matter of minutes, you can prepare a sleek-looking proposal and feel confident that you’ve included all the information your clients need to choose your brand for the work they need to be done. From an outline of offered services to pricing explanations and quotes, a General Proposal template includes all of the details your prospective clients care most about. 

The goal of using a General Proposal template is to reduce the time you spend on mundane administrative tasks. With an easy-to-use template in your toolbox, you can craft a proposal for a client as soon as you get off the phone with them. This shows your prospective customers that you’re prepared for the questions they asked and that you have the solutions they need while taking as little time out of your day as possible. 

What is the General Proposal template by Embrace used for? 

The General Proposal template by Embrace is used to reduce end-to-end proposal creation time. Embrace did the hard work of crafting an easy-to-read proposal with multimedia design elements to help your clients envision the work you’ll be doing for them. The proposal template has been laid out, with a table of contents so your clients can quickly locate the information they care most about. 

Embrace’s General Proposal template is designed based on the idea that you’ve already had an initial point of contact with your client. It briefly outlines how you’ll implement each of the services you’ve promised, and offers a space for you to list your brand’s unique terms and conditions. 

Update this template once with the language and images your brand needs to communicate your message with future clients. Then, use the template over and over again to draft project proposals with prospective clients and close new deals faster than ever before. 

How does PandaDoc’s eSignature tool integrate with this template? 

The greatest benefit offered by using Embrace’s General Proposal template is that it allows you to close deals with new clients more quickly than ever before. PandaDoc’s eSignature tool enhances this benefit.

From any location, using any device, your clients can sign off on the proposal you send them and your brand can be updated in real-time. Improve your brand’s efficiency and start working on projects as soon as possible when you integrate this template with our easy-to-use eSignature tool.

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