Lead Supply Agreement by Cobra Digital

Make ordering leads easier and more efficient by using this lead supply template from Cobra Digital. The template includes a Campaign Overview and Services Agreement you can sign to instantly start ordering leads from Cobra Digital.

What is a lead supply agreement template used for?

This lead supply agreement will help you accelerate and plan out your lead deals with Cobra Digital.

A lead supply agreement is important because it lays out everything you and Cobra Digital will agree to in the course of the deal, such as the target weekly lead volume, delivery schedule, lead geography, number of leads you’d like to receive per day, price per lead, and whether you want an oversupply. 

It’s useful to have all this information in one document that you can submit to Cobra Digital. This way, both you and Cobra Digital will have easy access to the agreed-upon details, which makes it easier to resolve any hiccups that may occur during the course of business.

Compared to traditional supply agreements, which are usually drafted by one side and sent to the other side to sign, this lead supply agreement template will make it easier for you to accelerate your deal with Cobra Digital

No longer will you have to wait for the other side to finish writing the contract before signing — you can fill in the Campaign Overview and sign the Services Agreement in one sitting, making the process of setting up deals quick and simple.

Can you use eSignature on a lead supply agreement?

Yes. PandaDoc eSignature software will allow you to email Cobra Digital lead supply agreements to your sales staff so they can fill in the forms electronically. This can be done anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Cobra Digital Lead generation

Cobra Digital is an Australian lead generation provider that offers exclusive leads globally for service-based businesses with real-time delivery on a cost-per-lead basis.