Simple Marketing Proposal Template by the GadgetFlow

GadgetFlow’s marketing proposal template is straightforward and bold, using precise copy designed to focus on all the nuances of client meetings and discussions. It’s one of the most comprehensive proposal templates in PandaDoc’s Community Gallery.

What is a simple marketing proposal template used for?

This template provides marketing executives with a stylish and direct way to summarize first meetings without forgetting to include a thing. Beginning with a cover letter and executive summary, the details of the marketing proposal are outlined, including designated timelines and payment options.

The executive summary helps you describe what your company offers that’s considered best in class. This introduces the most essential content in the template — the proposal itself. Here, the template introduces numbered solutions that let you outline how you’ll meet client needs, not client problems. These small details show clarity of vision seldom found in similar templates. 

The timeline for deliverables is uniformly planned out with weekly dates to be created and approved from the first week to the 14th week. 

The payment options section includes fixed payment terms as well as percentage-based terms. Management fees are outlined, with an allowance for payment methods, schedules, and installment plans, to make your client aware that those alternatives are available.

Can you use PandaDoc’s eSignature on the template for your marketing proposal?

The very last thing a client sees when evaluating this marketing proposal template is the sign-off and acceptance page. PandaDoc’s eSignature software uses powerful design integration to impress your clients by providing them with the power to digitally sign your marketing proposal in seconds, from any location, and on any device.

As intuitive as it is compliant, PandaDoc is not just for signatures. Get updates right away with detailed document notifications that tell you the minute a client opens, views, comments, or virtually signs your marketing proposal.

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