Microsoft 365 Proposal Template by Embrace

With Embrace’s Proposal (Microsoft 365) template, you can quickly address questions your clients have about Microsoft 365 integration and showcase your unique services in one spot. Drag-and-drop your brand’s images into the template, update the text, and use this template, again and again, to sell new customers on your Microsoft 365 integration tools and services.

How do you use Embrace’s Proposal (Microsoft 365) template? 

Many businesses worry about retraining their team on new technology. So, if your brand can integrate with the Microsoft 365 tools they’re already using, you put yourself leagues ahead of other brands that cannot offer the same level of integration. 

Embrace’s Proposal (Microsoft 365) template is all about showing off this unique value. It includes all of the information your clients expect from a typical proposal, including a letter to the client, an outline of the services your offer, an explanation of terms and conditions, and a pricing quote. But in addition to this typical proposal information, this template also offers details about how you’re integrating with Microsoft 365 and how this integration benefits your customers.

The result is a reduction in end-to-end proposal acceptance time. Embrace’s template helps you easily explain the benefits of your company to your prospective clients in a beautiful, professional manner. It takes only moments on your end to update the template and send it out to your clients, improving your efficiency and allowing clients to review your proposal sooner than ever before. 

How does this template integrate with PandaDoc’s eSignature tool? 

The goal of Embrace’s Proposal (365) template is not just to showcase their Microsoft 365 integrations. Ultimately, the goal is to close a deal with a new client. PandaDoc’s eSignature Tool makes this easier than ever before. Here’s how it works.

First, your client reviews the proposal you’ve sent them. Once they’ve reviewed the proposal, they can use their fingertip or a mouse to sign from any device in any location. As soon as they’ve signed the document, your brand is notified that the document has been completed, and you can begin working on the next step in your workflow. 

The result of this seamless technology integration is convenience for your clients and efficiency for your team.

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