Order Form Template by Uploadcare

Uploadcare’s Order Form template allows you to create legally binding order form contracts between you and your clients with a few quick mouse clicks. Never again worry whether you forgot a vital piece of information. Uploadcare’s experience working with modern tech companies guided their design of this easy-to-use Order Form template.

What is the Order Form template by Uploadcare? 

The Order Form template by Uploadcare takes the stress out of creating an order form for your customers to use. It’s pre-formatted for your convenience and includes a comprehensive Terms of Service page that carefully outlines the details of the service agreement. If there are any disputes about your services in the future, you and your customer can look back at the Terms and Conditions they signed to determine the best course of action. 

The Order Form template looks simple, with its black-on-white design and tidy font choice. But creating these same tables would take a lot of time and effort using your typical word processor. By using the Order Form template, you can type client information into the correct fields without worrying about messing up the formatting or making the document look messy. 

Using an Order Form template has the added benefit of protecting your client information. Although you can type your company’s information into your saved version of the template so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you create an Order Form, the template doesn’t save client information. This means that you don’t have to worry that you’ll accidentally copy one client’s information and send it to another client when you’re creating a new Order Form. Simply start with a blank copy of the template and all your client’s personal information remains secure. 

What is the Order Form template by Uploadcare used for?

Modern purchase agreements aren’t always cut-and-dry. Sometimes, you offer unique deals within a certain time frame, but those deals aren’t valid outside that time frame. You also have to worry about whether or not to automatically reenlist customers in your services. On the one hand, if you don’t automatically reenlist them and they want you to do so, you could cause a gap in their services that they don’t want. But if you continue their services and they don’t want you to, they could refuse to pay, and you could be out of money. 

Uploadcare’s Order Form template takes care of all these modern purchase agreement issues. Their wealth of experience in the tech industry shines through in their carefully crafted Terms and Conditions section, which covers everything from execution dates to subscription and renewal terms to overage fees. 

By using this template, you can personalize the details to match your brand’s needs while also leaning on Uploadcare’s prior field experience. Your company benefits from carefully crafted Terms of Service and pre-formatted tables, which you don’t have to create from scratch each time you create a new Order Form. This saves you time and money every time your customers want to send an Order Form your way. 

How does the Order Form template by Uploadcare integrate with PandaDoc’s eSignature Tool?

Uploadcare’s Order Form template is only legally binding once it has been signed by both you and your customer. With PandaDoc’s eSignature Tool, you and your client can sign the document simultaneously, even if you’re miles apart. From any location, using any device, you can both sign the document and receive notification that it has been signed, allowing your team to begin work as soon as possible. 

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