Project Quote Template by Rotive

Never get bogged down by complicated quote software again. Rotive’s Quote template makes creating a pricing quote for your customers a snap. Simply input your company information and pricing details, and your customers will have a professional-looking pricing quote in a matter of minutes.

What is the Project Quote template by Rotive used for?

Rotive’s Project Quote template allows you to create a beautifully simple, one-page pricing quote. 

If you’ve already pitched your services to your customer or are dealing with a customer you’ve worked with in the past, you don’t need pages upon pages of information about the services you offer. You just need an outline of the actual cost of the project you’ve agreed on. 

This is where Rotive’s Project Quote template comes in. Beautiful in its simplicity, Rotive’s one-page Quote template is professionally designed without any distracting features. The total your clients should anticipate paying is clearly highlighted at the bottom, with space above for you to give line-by-line explanations of the overall cost.  

Rotive even included a space for payment terms, so if you have special information to communicate to your customers about the quote, you can do so easily. 

The result of this template is that it only takes a few minutes to draft a pricing quote for your customers, allowing you to zip past the administrative tasks and spend more time doing the work you love. 

How does PandaDoc’s eSignature tool integrate with Rotive’s Project Quote template? 

Sending a pricing quote to your clients is one thing, but until they agree to the quote, you can’t begin work. That’s why Rotive’s Quote template includes a space at the bottom where your clients can sign off on the quote. 

PandaDoc’s eSignature tool allows your clients to approve your pricing quote from any location using any device. This convenient feature allows you to get quotes approved more quickly than before. You’ll be notified in real time as soon as your client signs off on your quote, allowing you to begin work on their project as soon as possible.

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