SaaS Quotation by Asset Bank

Improve your quote and sales workflow with this clean, beautifully branded SaaS quotation template by Asset Bank.

What is a SaaS quotation template used for?

SaaS businesses use quotation templates to give potential clients pricing and legal information about the services they requested. A template can be quickly filled with individual client information. Once that’s done, the template becomes a personalized form that can be used as a legally binding contract. 

Asset Bank’s SaaS quotation template is designed to be easy to read and legally robust. It also supports Asset Bank’s branding with a beautiful design. Clients who receive the template immediately appreciate the professionalism and clarity of the template. 

Using a template like Asset Bank’s makes it easy to sign new clients to your service. When quotes can be written and signed in minutes, sales teams can finalize more client contracts. Meanwhile, the professional design reinforces your brand so clients will be confident that they’re making the right choice. 

Can you use eSignature on your SaaS quotation?

Asset Bank is designed to making the customer experience as smooth as possible. One way it achieves this is by adding eSignature fields to the quotation template. 

An eSignature field allows the client to sign documents immediately without printing or mailing them. That speeds up the process of closing deals by days or even weeks. Using PandaDoc’s eSignature software in a SaaS template allows you to reduce paper storage and wasted time while improving the customer experience. 

You can use AssetBank’s SaaS quotation template to save time and money while improving your presentation. Its stylish branding, clean design, and thorough documentation make a great impression on clients. Grow your service’s client base and reputation with this template’s beautiful look and straightforward eSignature technology.

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