Video Marketing Plan Template for food companies by Creative Haven

Showcase how your video production team can help food companies improve their social media presence with this comprehensive video proposal template. Network with food companies and improve results by laying out exactly how your videos can improve their social media pages.

What is a video proposal template for food companies used for?

A video proposal template for food companies is used to show food companies why they should use your video production team to create their social media posts. It walks them through the benefits of using video in social media and shows why investing in monthly video content will benefit their brand. 

This video proposal template by Creative Haven starts by addressing the food company in a direct letter, explaining what your company does and the experience you have with food and beverage companies. 

The template follows this letter with testimonials from other clients, a proposed solution to potential clients’ social media problems, infographic information about why video content works, and a comprehensive explanation of monthly pricing. 

All of this information is laid out in a professional manner. The template helps the decision-makers in food companies walk through what your company has to offer them. It anticipates the questions they might have about your company and answers those questions succinctly, making a clear and compelling case for video content’s place in their social media. 

How do eSignatures integrate with this video proposal template? 

The best proposals can be signed on the spot. With PandaDoc’s eSignature software, your clients can sign up for your monthly social media package as soon as they’ve reviewed your proposal. It adds convenience for both you and your clients, ensuring they can safely and legally sign from any location using any device. 

Using eSignature software means you don’t have to be in the same place as your clients when they’re signing your proposals. You also don’t have to worry about the amount of time it takes to mail documents back and forth. Clients can review and sign documents on the spot, and you can receive real-time updates about your proposal status so you can move on to the next step in your workflow as soon as possible. 

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