Expedite the redlining process

Shorten your time to close with a streamlined and transparent contract negotiation process.

No credit card required

Speed up your negotiations

The redlining feature enables legal and other teams to painlessly collaborate on business contracts.

Make revisions easy

Legal teams love working with Microsoft Word because it’s easy to revise and track changes of legal terms. Make their job easier by downloading your PandaDoc contract into a Word document for redlining.

Keep track of versions

Stop wondering which revision is the latest. Keep all versions of the doc organized and easy to access from one place to eliminate lengthy email threads, phone calls, and time-consuming searches.

Stay up-to-date

Turn on notifications to know when your contract was downloaded and modified, so you’re never left in the dark.

Increase visibility

Use the Dashboard and at-a-glance redlining status to see how many contracts are in the negotiation stage.

Experience the full power of PandaDoc

We built PandaDoc to help you close more deals fast. Time is money, and every feature is designed to expedite your sales process. Use the visual content editor to create beautiful templates for your business contracts, and connect PandaDoc to your CRM to automatically generate proposals and contracts for each deal, collaborate on them and send for eSignatures in record time.

Experience the full power of PandaDoc Experience the full power of PandaDoc
Experience the full power of PandaDoc Experience the full power of PandaDoc

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Will my customer have direct editing power on my contract?

Recipients will not have direct editing power to redline – however, they can download the contract into a Word document, and edit that version.

How do I redline a contract in PandaDoc?

First, download the contract in a Word format. To redline the contract in Word, simply turn on Track Changes before you begin editing. Once you’re ready with your edits and comments, upload your version to the related PandaDoc contract.

How do I include redlining into automated approval document workflow?

Build out a custom workflow to better facilitate this process within the PandaDoc application.