How Fastest Labs saves 80 hours per month with PandaDoc

Fastest Labs implemented PandaDoc across 200 franchises and saves 80 hours per month of admin time across their entire franchise.

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The Challenge

Fastest Labs was building its tech stack from the ground up and looking for multiple solutions to streamline operations from its headquarters down to the franchisee level. Their previous document workflow was not standardized, leaving franchisees without a unified solution for their proposal and contract processes.

The Solution

Fastest Labs tried PandaDoc at the franchisor level first, and it emerged as the perfect solution to scale across their franchises. With the adoption of PandaDoc, Fastest Labs now saves 80 hours per month across 200 franchises.

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minutes to create a proposal
Proposals, Contracts
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North America

Piloting PandaDoc as a franchisee

Fastest Labs is a leading drug, alcohol and DNA testing franchise that prides itself on facilitating a streamlined franchise ownership process. It takes a supportive approach to ensure franchisees can rapidly set up their operations, aligning with the brand’s reputation for efficient service.

John Smith, Executive Director of Operations, was tasked with building a new tech stack to help streamline operations for Fastest Labs and its 200 franchise locations. A former franchisee himself, he had intimate knowledge of operational challenges at the franchisee level. He understood the need for a modern document signing solution that could improve the customer experience and reduce the cost of operations.

John chose PandaDoc based on his previous experience using the solution as a Fastest Labs franchisee. He chose to build and scale across 200 franchises with PandaDoc because of its ability to create templates, use variable fields, and take advantage of its robust integration capabilities with other tools he was scoping for their tech stack.

Streamlining Sales with the HubSpot and PandaDoc Integration

Fastest Labs uses the PandaDoc and HubSpot integration to streamline their sales process. The convenience of generating a document directly from a contact in HubSpot saves their team time navigating between multiple softwares and can automate processes like updating a deal’s status in HubSpot to “closed-won” once a contract is signed in PandaDoc. This functionality not only saves time but also reduces manual errors, giving time back to Fastest Labs franchise owners.

Transforming the Sales Process with Document Analytics

PandaDoc’s Document Analytics has become an invaluable tool for Fastest Labs. It allows them to track every prospect’s action, giving them the upper hand in closing deals. It’s not just about tracking—it’s about creating opportunities for timely communication and finding solutions that push deals across the finish line.

Fastest Labs saves 80 hours a month with PandaDoc

Since implementing PandaDoc across their franchise, Fastest Labs has seen significant improvements in efficiency and sales performance. It now takes only 10 minutes to send a proposal, giving Fastest Labs 80 hours a month back to focus on their growth goals. 

The power of PandaDoc

PandaDoc has proven to be a valuable solution for Fastest Labs. Its integration capabilities, time-saving potential and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal tool for any tech-forward, cost-conscious business looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

In the words of the Executive Director of Operations at Fastest Labs, PandaDoc’s value can be described as “Easy, efficient, and innovative.” 

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