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Bookkeeping and Property Management

QBSolutions, Inc is a bookkeeping and property management firm in Idaho focusing on offering convenient digital services to their clients. They have over a decade of experience in online bookkeeping and over 20 year advising Quickbooks and Intuit online. QBSolutions is a quickly growing name in remote bookkeeping services and consult other firms with moving into the cloud.

The Problem

QBSolutions found themselves in a situation that occurs to many companies as they grow. They had a process that worked well when they were first getting started and it didn’t scale well once they started finding more success. Proposals used to take Toni Himmelman, Founder and CEO, a few days to put together as each one had to personalized for the client’s needs. Older proposals were stored in a word folder where they would need to be found in order to serve as a template for new documents. Documents would be sent as email attachments with no way to see how or if the clients viewed them without following up.

Then as QBSolutions grew they started exploring ways to simplify and improve the process, more employees meant more people would be working with clients. Documents couldn’t just be stored as word documents in a folder, and templates couldn’t take the days to put together. QBSolutions had aggressive growth goals and needed systems that matched the cloud services they offered for bookkeeping to manage their document lifecycle.

The Solution

Toni started looking for tools that would help manage their sales process. The first thing they settled on was Insightly, a CRM that let QBSolutions delegate out tasks across their team and attached documents to customer records. Next, they needed a tool that would help automate their document process. QBSolutions tried Docusign for a few years, but found that it didn’t meet their needs beyond eSignatures. Then Toni found PandaDoc, which removed the need for Docusign and allowed proposals to be generated quickly from templates by anyone on her staff. PandaDoc also has the option of an Insightly integration that would work with their existing tools.

Some of my clients still like physically signing documents and print them, but that’s ok because about 90% of the time it so smooth and everyone clicks off with time stamps, date stamps, and notes right there. It’s great and becomes a permanent record for that customer. Since we found PandaDoc, we wouldn’t even consider going back to Docusign

The Results

Start to finish proposals used to take me a couple of days, and then with PandaDoc it is literally an hour or two.

Over the last year using PandaDoc, QBSolutions has their most impactful results as time savings on their document process. Creating documents now takes significantly less time and with PandaDoc document analytics they can see how client interact with proposals after they are sent. Documents are now organized and don’t require searching through many versions of older proposals.

With their document process scalable, QBSolutions has set an ambitious growth trajectory. They plan of doubling their monthly sales over the next quarter and are on pace to do using PandaDoc and Insightly. Toni plans on exploring the PandaDoc Insightly integration and incorporating PandaDoc in other aspects of the business.

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