Overview of electronic signature law and its legality in Greenland

Greenland is the world’s largest island, known for its vast tundra and glaciers. It has a relatively small population with only 56,081 residents.

The country’s population is mostly Intuit, and its economy is heavily dependent on the fishing industry. But, its tourism revenue has grown significantly over the past several decades.

At the time of this writing, Greenland has not passed any legislation regarding electronic signatures. Though it’s located in North America, Greenland is politically and culturally associated with Europe.

In particular, the country is strongly linked to Denmark and Norway. However, Greenland is not part of the European Union, so it is not bound by eIDAS regulations.

Overview of Greeland’s legal model

Greenland is a self-governing part of the Kingdom of Denmark, and both countries operate under a civil law system. On June 21, 2009, The Act of Greenland Self-Governance was granted to Greenland.

This gives the country the right to elect its own government and 31-member Parliament. Greenland retains controls over its fisheries, education system, environment, and climate.

However, Denmark still retains a lot of influence over Greenland. The country’s civil affairs, defense, foreign policy, and monetary system are still under Danish jurisdiction.

Are electronic signatures legal in Greenland?

Greenland hasn’t passed any legislation specifically regarding electronic signatures. The country does have a history of participating in international affairs, and it cooperates with the EU. But since it isn’t a member of the EU, it’s not bound by eIDAS regulations.

Can I use PandaDoc software in Greenland?

Electronic signatures have been recognized in the majority of countries around the world, but the legality does vary. Before conducting business electronically in Greenland, you should ensure that the country’s laws allow you to use eSignature software.