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PandaDoc for Nonprofits

What you can do with PandaDoc

Streamline fundraising

PandaDoc makes it easy for fundraising directors to create event plans, donor lists, and grant proposals. The PandaDoc editor uses a drag and drop interface to make creating documents a breeze and you can store documents you’ll use frequently as custom templates to save even more time.

Create and share meeting minutes

It’s vital to keep track of what happens when you bring your nonprofit’s board, employees, and volunteers together. With PandaDoc, you can store a template for meeting minutes, use it to create a detailed record of conversations in seconds, and share it instantly with everyone involved allowing them to provide feedback with built-in comments.

Write better proposals

Approaching a new donor is a daunting task for any nonprofit and having the perfect proposal certainly goes a long way towards sealing the deal to add a new benefactor to your organization’s list. PandaDoc helps you create polished proposals in minutes, and gives you the ability to build proposals that are detailed and infused with visual examples of the good that your nonprofit does.

Why PandaDoc?

Simple, predictable costs

PandaDoc offers a simple per-user cost structure that helps you save money and project future spend. All documents, templates, and eSignatures are unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about varying costs.
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Integrates with your existing tools

PandaDoc includes integrations with more than 20 of today’s leading nonprofit software tools, including more than a dozen CRM products. These integrations allow you to use PandaDoc within the tools you’re already familiar with and merger data from those systems straight into the documents you create.
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Proven ROI

We’ve spent a lot of time studying how PandaDoc impacts our customer’s successes and the results are overwhelmingly positive. PandaDoc has helped organizations reduce time spent creating documents by up to 80%, increase proposal success rates by up to 30%, and has helped teams save thousands of hours per year.
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