PandaDoc for Pipeliner CRM

Create, save and track your PandaDoc proposals from inside Pipeliner CRM.

 PandaDoc for Pipeliner CRM

Integrate the time-saving document generation and eSignature features of PandaDoc into Pipeliner CRM

Speed up the proposal process

Dramatically speed up the entire process of planning, building, and sending out your business proposals. Even edit and manage documents on the go using your mobile device (with mobile apps for iOS and Android), helping you to drive negotiations forward and react at crucial times.

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Widen the reach of your business

With seamless integration and flawless connectivity, you can turbocharge the efficiency of your sales process, whether you’re a small business or large enterprise. There’s no need for any additional proposal software. Empower your sales team to send a large volume of highly professional proposals to more prospects and clients, getting you noticed.

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Stay on top of every deal

With PandaDoc comprehensive analytics, you can easily monitor every detail of your sales process. Receive real-time notifications via email (to any email client such as Outlook or Gmail) when the status of your documents changes, send automatic reminders and track everything efficiently within Pipeliner.

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Revolutionize your proposal and quoting process by dispatching directly within Pipeliner CRM

Build and polish all your sales documents within Pipeliner CRM

Simplify the process of creating polished, professional sales documents by managing it all from Pipeliner. Begin with a template, upload a document, or create your document from the ground up. Manage all of your existing documents created and sent through Pipeliner and even download PDF versions directly from the integration.

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Save time and effort with built-in eSignatures

Take all the hassle away from the most important part of the proposal process – getting that signature. Every PandaDoc plan comes with eSignatures, making signing easier for both you and your prospects and customers. Send documents for signature directly within your Pipeliner CRM software. You’ll have a legally-binding agreement in no time.


Effortlessly monitor all your docs from one place

Get convenient updates about the stage of your documents straight to your inbox. Track and understand important metrics such as who’s looking at what documents, how long they view specific sections, and more. PandaDoc users also get contract management software features to aid in account management and sales management process.

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Keep all your documents professional and error-free

Easily ensure that every document you send is professional and consistently on-brand. Store content, such as client testimonials, video/image content, and more to drag and drop into any new document. You can even lock the editing of specified content helping to eliminate any errors.

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Automate the addition of important details

PandaDoc allows you to populate any document with the client-specific data to make your proposals stand out. Auto-fill details like company name, contact details, and more. The recipients will automatically populate by syncing with key contacts in your Pipeliner CRM records, speeding up the whole sales process.

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No coding knowledge necessary

PandaDoc Pipeliner CRM support is integrated directly into our application. This makes usage incredibly intuitive, with no coding experience necessary to enjoy the full suite of helpful features.

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Who will find the PandaDoc Pipeliner CRM integration useful?

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Sales teams

Free up more time to focus on the part of the job that really matters – selling. With PandaDoc automation and Pipeliner support, sales teams can complete documents, get docs signed, and stay on top of important metrics all in one place.

Sales operations

Trim the fat from all the sales stages, lead generation, sales pipeline management, and tracking of vital metrics. Monitor team and individual performance to continually improve your proposals, quotes, and contracts, enabling your operations team to streamline your entire sales process.


Marketing can provide sales with pre-approved templates and collateral, allowing them to build effective proposals faster. Tracking template and content usage is easy, helping marketers to pinpoint any areas for improvement and boost the overall success of the team.

Will I need any other software to use the Pipeliner CRM integration features?

You won’t need to install any additional software to make use of the Pipeliner CRM integration. PandaDoc features work within the Pipeliner CRM as standard on any device with an internet connection.

How can I activate the Pipeliner CRM integration within PandaDoc?

It’s easy to set up the integration. Just go to ‘Intergrations’ within your Workspace settings, then select the box containing the Pipeliner logo. From here, select ‘Connect Pipeliner’ and follow the steps. This will enable the electronic signature software functionality.

How do I get Pipeliner CRM sync two-ways?

To find out how to set up two-way sync functionality, simply follow the instructions on our dedicated API webpage.