PandaDoc and Google Drive integration

Upload or create documents from files in Google Drive

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Keep paperwork simple

Access files from Google Drive to generate documents and collect eSignatures.

Send for eSigning

Upload Google Drive files to PandaDoc electronic signature software, add fields, and send it for signing in minutes. Once sent, you can track the document status in real-time right in PandaDoc.

Generate proposals

Leverage your files from Google cloud storage, including Google Docs to convert them into editable proposals and contracts, ready to be sent for signing from PandaDoc proposal software.

Convert into templates

Is your team sending the same documents over and over? Convert an existing file from Google Drive into a PandaDoc template to generate standard documents with auto-added signature fields.

Embed shared links

Add links to shared files and folders right into PandaDoc documents. Help document recipients easily find additional information with the reference links from the document.

Build a content library

Create library elements from files stored in Google Drives. Add frequently used text, images, and even content blocks to your PandaDoc content library. Drag-and-drop these elements to customize documents instantly.

Attach files

Upload files from Google as attachments to documents sent for signing. Add supporting marketing collateral, product presentations, or terms and conditions to your document package.

Get more done with Google apps and Zapier

Save signed PDFs to Google Drive

Backup PDF copies of signed documents and store them in the designated Google Drive folders.

Route docs to Google Drive folders

Keep your documents organized by creating routing rules to store or move documents.

Send signed docs with Gmail

Send custom Gmail messages with PDF copies attached once a document is signed or completed.

Who uses PandaDoc with Google Drive integration

Sales leaders

Get full visibility of document statuses and sales team performance with PandaDoc document analytics and reporting.

Sales teams

Sales reps benefit both from the familiar collaboration environment in Google Drive and PandaDoc eSigning capabilities.


Streamline your company’s document processes by integrating Google Drive, PandaDoc, CRMs, and other web apps.

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