PandaDoc for Gmail

Automatically email PandaDoc proposals, quotes, and contracts to your recipients using Gmail. This simple integration helps you save time, reduce bounced emails and emails marked as spam, and allows you to use the email address of your choice.

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Reduce time for sending emails

Once a quote, proposal, invoice or contract is approved in PandaDoc, it will automatically be attached and sent to the appropriate recipients through Gmail. This simple feature allows you to cut down on the manual task of emailing clients one by one.

No important emails in spam folder

Use your own emails – whether it’s a “” address or your company email – to ensure your important documents don’t end up in your recipients’ spam folders.

Send emails to specific recipients

With the PandaDoc for Gmail integration, you can create simple rules so that emails are automatically sent to specific recipients, with little extra work required. You can handle everything from the PandaDoc dashboard and set the specific triggers for when an email is sent, like when a manager approves a contract or proposal.

Automatically attach completed documents to your Gmail email

Downloading, converting, and attaching documents to emails can be time-consuming. This simple integration does all the legwork for you. Attaching a completed document to an email in Gmail is only a matter of a few clicks and can be done from within your PandaDoc dashboard.

Forward the important PDFs for pre-prepared recipients

If you need to send a PDF version of a document to a client or team member, you can do so with just a few clicks from your PandaDoc dashboard. The integration handles everything for you.

Send important copies of signed documents with your Gmail account

Want to automatically send completed copies of documents to your team members? Set a trigger to automatically send signed copies, in the format of your choice, to the right people.

How to setup PandaDoc for Gmail via Zapier integration?

Step 1. Connect PandaDoc with Gmail

Connect PandaDoc with Gmail from your Zapier account. Run a few tests to make sure everything’s working properly and your Zapier Gmail integration is good to go!

Step 2. Create your Gmail Zaps

Create your automated rules or use one of our pre-made templates.

*Note: The Zapier free version only allows users to create up to five 2-step zaps which include most major apps. However, this integration might be considered a premium integration for which you will need a paid Zapier plan.

Step 3. Test and customize

Once you’ve figured out what’s working, consistently test and tweak going forward to optimize efficiency.