Lease-to-Purchase Agreement California

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Lease-to-Purchase Agreement California

A lease-to-purchase agreement in California is a contract between a landlord and a tenant. Instead of outlining the rental contract, this agreement also allows the tenant to purchase the property for an agreed-upon price. The lease-to-purchase agreement (LPA) will, therefore, always include a disclosure box that outlines all of the costs related to the agreement.

Each state within the US sets their own laws when it comes to LPAs, and California is no different. The California Rental Purchase Act governs an LPA in California. This Act specifies certain state-specific laws to follow when entering this contract.

LPA requirements in California

Transaction disclosure box

A price tag disclosure must be visible on the contract. This disclosure should show all of the transactional values for the property.

Renter’s notice

This agreement must clearly state that the renter is merely leasing the property until the full purchase price is paid and a sale contract is drawn up.

Other disclosures

The document must also include the following disclosure – rental property description, rental period and payment amount, any other fees, and renter’s liability for loss.