Surviving and leveraging PR scandals in marketing and sales

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc

Carmen Zita Alayeto-Moore

Carmen Zita Alayeto-Moore Brand Operations Manager at PandaDoc

Jed Mahrle

Jed Mahrle Global Manager of Outbound Sales Development at PandaDoc

All press is good press, right? 

Clearly, the person who said those famous words has never seen their brand on the verge of cancellation. The last thing anyone wants to see is #CancelBrandX on social media or their brand making headlines from a scandalous decision someone on the executive team made in college. 

Unfortunately, most brands don’t really think about PR crisis management and scandals until it happens. In this episode, our host Travis Tyler looks at how Airbnb and handled their PR crisis in 2021. 

This episode will cover: 

  • how to keep your business resilient during a PR crisis 
  • sales trigger events and how to leverage them in prospecting 
  • bouncing back from a PR scandal

We’re also introducing you to two new segments: Chaos with Carmen and Practical Prospecting with Jed.